Coldzera Joins Complexity As a Stand-In

by in CS:GO | Sep, 10th 2021

A few days ago we heard rumors that panned out – Coldzera officially joins Complexity! He has left FaZe Clan behind and is the new stand-in for the upcoming CSGO tournaments Complexity is taking part in. You’re going to see a lot of awesome Coldzera plays during the BLAST Premier Fall groups, as a part of a short-term deal. It will last through the PGL Stockholm Major, keeping Complexity as powerful as it can be heading into these matches. Perhaps most interesting is that he’s going to make his Complexity debut against his old squad on September 24th, in the BLAST Premier Fall groups.

Coldzera Joins Complexity To Bring Bring Wins:

Turns out the reports and rumors were true! Coldzera’s already back in Europe and getting ready for the upcoming matches, and signals the end of Coldzera’s two-year run with FaZe. He wound up being benched earlier this year for “poor results”, and was replaced by Olofmeister. Graham “messioso” Pitt, the General Manager for Complexity spoke about Coldzera on Twitter:

Marcelo has been working with us for a few days already to get up to speed ahead of time. He arrived in Europe today to begin practicing full-time. We are now with a full roster for the coming months and fully focused trying to bring home championships.

The real question this writer wants to know is “What happens after this short-term deal ends?” As of right now, Coldzera’s just a stand-in while we wait on K0nfig to return to action, and will likely step aside when K0nfig can take his spot on the roster again. He’s still got to wear a cast and will have likely have to perform physical therapy to be back in gaming shape. That also assumes there won’t be complications – but we hope there won’t be any. 

Does Coldzera have plans post-Complexity? Coldzera joins Complexity in a temporary fashion, but perhaps he could stick around? Or will he be a hired gun, traveling from team to team that needs an expert to help secure wins? We’ll just have to wait and see. But it sounds like Complexity’s feeling pretty confident right now, so we’ll keep our eyes open and see who comes out on top.


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