Cold War Adds New Zombies Mode Before the Next Round-Based Zombies Map

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 22nd 2021

Call of Duty has been a staple of the FPS genre, with many players looking forward to the yearly releases. However, with the most recent release of Call of Duty, the post-launch content model has been lacking, not in the multiplayer aspect but the Zombies mode.

This is because the game is free, with all the DLC Zombies maps being made free in the process. Cold War started with the least amount of maps since World at War, with a single measly map at the beginning of the game’s life cycle. Now, the map count has been updated to three, hanging behind World at War, which had four by the time the next game came out. This also seems to be the case for Cold War, with the next map set to come out sometime during Season 6. However, with the new season still having some time before launch, players are getting restless. Therefore, Treyarch has answered the call of the players and put a new Cold War Zombies mode into the game. 

Cold War’s Numbers Event

The newest event in the game thus far is the last hurrah for Season 5, with Season 6 right around the corner. Activision is hoping to end the season off with a bang. The Numbers Event is stylized after the numbers most commonly seen in the first entry in the Black Ops series. The event takes the form of 18 challenges, nine in Cold War and nine in Warzone. Completing one set of challenges in either of the games nets the player the first event weapon: the dual-wielded Sai. While it’s the first event weapon in the game, there’s a good chance that the game will include some more event weapons in the future. DLC weapons are something players will want to have due to the scarcity of the item and the possibility of having a more powerful alternative to previous weapons used in-game. 

This practice has been seen in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 with the addition of the black market weapons, with the weapons only being available through random drops in the game. However, since drops like that aren’t a thing anymore, having players grind for new weapons is Call of Duty’s current model. The only way to complete the challenges is to play multiplayer or Warzone. So, what do the Zombies players get? Treyarch has decided to give Cold War Zombies players a new limited-time mode that they’ll enjoy. 

Treyarch has been crossing their fingers, hoping that something is going to stick. Hence, the addition of Easter eggs in the Outbreak mode entices the players of the round-based maps to complete these quests if they want the whole story of the game, or else they’ll miss details of the story. However, this addition isn’t enough to convince the players to pick up the mode. 

The New Outbreak Mode

The new Cold War Zombies mode for Outbreak is called Outbreak Survival. This mode is a hardcore take on the mode, putting players into the ring with only a single M1911 pistol. This singular pistol is the only weapon given to players in the round-based maps of previous games, showing that they’re trying to entice the more hardcore audience of the mode. 

However, the mode doesn’t just restrict players to specific weapons in the game. HUD elements are limited, removing the minimap from the game, so players won’t see their teammates on the map or the objective. On top of this, blueprints for weapons are also going to be sparse. This means that players aren’t going to rely on their mastercraft weapons if they want to survive. They’re going to have to use what weapons the game gives them. 

The most important part of the mode is that health regeneration has been removed. Each hit will hurt, and it’s not going to heal up like the other modes in the game miraculously. The only way to heal in the mode is to find food items around the map, adding a bigger reason to scavenge for items in the game. This means that players will be “surviving” by finding food throughout the level while continuing through the map to complete their objectives.

The mode will only be live until October 6, meaning that if players want to try out this more hardcore mode of the game, they’re going to have to play it now before the mode disappears with the launch of Season 6. 

Another Season, Another Outbreak Main Quest

With Season 6 there’s a good chance that Zombies players will get another Outbreak main quest. Following recent trends from previous maps in the game, players may have to wait until the next season to play the newest map. No maps have launched during the beginning of any season, with the interim being followed by quests in Outbreak. 

However, with the current amount of teasers on Treyarch’s Twitter, the map might break the mold and be the first round-based map next season. Whether that’s true remains to be seen. Players are going to have to wait a bit longer if they aim to play the next round-based map. 

Regardless, there’s more content coming to Cold War Zombies. While it seems that this mode is getting the short end of the stick in terms of content, the rumors about the game’s current development cycle may seem to point in the direction of more content coming down the line after the release of Call of Duty Vanguard.


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