CoD Vanguard Skin From Season 1 Is Making Players Invisible

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 9th 2021

It wouldn’t be a week of news without CoD glitches, and a Vanguard skin is making people invisible. At a certain distance, one of the Operators cannot be seen, thus making the player using that skin invisible. You may have been dropped several times already by players you can’t see, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a hacker – though it could be. CoD players have had to deal with frustrating character skins before, and this time is no different. So what’s going on right now?

(In)Visibility Is a Serious Issue

It’s not a shock to die in Warzone, and have no idea exactly how it happens. It could be someone using hacks or shooting through walls. It could be an overpowered perk that is giving them an advantage. This time, however, it’s a skin belonging to Constanze. From the right distance, this CoD Vanguard skin allows the player to be functionally invisible. You can still be shot and beaten, but if the other player can’t see you, you have an overwhelming advantage.

This came courtesy of Indivant on Twitter, who showed the Constanze player just disappearing right in plain sight. They were walking backward during a match of CoD Vanguard, and suddenly, Constanze skin just disappeared and remains invisible at a distance. It’s likely not a draw distance issue either, as another player was in a similar distance away on the right edge of the screen:

“Sorry to ruin the fun humans & I’m not sure if this skin is still GA but this game gets worse and worse every day, New Constanze skin where her body disappears if you are at a certain angle or range.”

It’s not something that was obfuscating the character either. It wasn’t smoke, or fire, or anything of the sort. They were simply standing on a pillar or a bit of stone and disappeared. The real question is, how long will this take to fix? Will people spend a bunch of money on it, abuse it, and then get upset when it’s fixed? 

Either way, it’s an incredibly frustrating problem, and we can hope it is resolved before it gets out of hand. The CoD Vanguard skin that makes the player invisible in this instance is the Tier 50 reward of the Season 1 of the Battle Pass and it’s called Urbane. This is not a great way to start Season 1, with a major item reward causing a game-breaking bug. You just need to be a few feet away from your opponent and you vanish into nothingness.


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