CoD Streamer Fires Gun Out of Their Window After Dying in Warzone

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 7th 2020

Everyone loses in online games, it’s just a fact of life. We understand that losing is pretty stressful, especially in competitive games like CoD. But a video clip has shown up online of a CoD streamer who fires a gun out of their window after dying in Warzone. That’s right, they unload a full clip into the air outside after beating beat. Even if there is nothing out there, no property or people anywhere, it’s still reprehensible. 

We’re used to seeing CoD streamers just showing off cheating, but not firing an actual gun in response to dying in game.

Immature and a Little Frightening as a Response

This sounds to us like some pretty serious anger issues need to be sorted. So what exactly happened? This streamer, who goes by the gamertag of “Faze sWiisH” was ganked in CoD Warzone. What was the response by this streamer? The CoD streamer in question goes to their window and fires a gun out into the air. It wasn’t just one or two shots, but it sounded like close to a full clip of bullets going off into the air. 

He did this while waiting on his Duo to revive him at the Buy Station. So apparently, he had plenty of time to grab a semi-auto pistol and fire outside. He then placed the gun back on the table and went back to streaming. That’s mildly unsettling, to say the least. Some people might not be disturbed by this, but it’s a really peculiar, angry response to being bested in a game. Not to mention, against Twitch’s TOS. We have seen a picture of said window, and it does look like there was nothing out there but an empty field.

That doesn’t make it okay though. Sure, the clip is no longer on Twitch, but that doesn’t change what he did. Anger issues are a serious problem. We aren’t saying people shouldn’t own guns, but you definitely shouldn’t fire them while you’re live streaming into the air. It’s not like people haven’t been punished for lesser offenses. 

Wingsofredemption is an example. They were given a 7-day ban for accidentally pointing an unloaded gun at the camera while showing it off. This person wasn’t endangering anyone’s life, but it’s still irresponsible, ridiculous, and still against the TOS of Twitch. Though the clip was removed, you can still find it via a mirror (which we found on Reddit). It’s pretty unsettling the way this CoD streamer calmly goes to the window, fires off some shots from his gun, then goes right back to streaming like nothing off-kilter just happened. 

If he doesn’t get a ban, we’ll be pretty surprised, even if it didn’t hurt anyone. It’s still not the right move to perform as a streamer, or really just in general. As of this writing, no action has been taken, but it’s definitely one of the more bizarre streamer actions we’ve seen on the internet as of late. We get that Warzone is competitive, but it seemed a bit excessive.


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