CoD Scene Backs Cammy as Vulgar Tweet Leads to Sensitivity Training

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 1st 2021

Earlier today, the Toronto Ultra posted an announcement, stating that one of their CoD players, Cammy,  will be undergoing sensitivity training over a tweet he recently posted featuring some foul language. The situation has elicited a variety of responses with many of CoD pro Cammy’s fans defending his swearing due to the varying regional connotations.

What Did Cammy Do?

Last night, Cammy posted a now deleted tweet, which to the surprise of many fans featured the “c**t”. While CoD pro Cammy claims it was intended as a joke, word of his vulgar tweet quickly reached the team at Toronto Ultra who swiftly made Cammy take down the tweet. 

In a recent statement via Twitter Toronto Ultra had this to say: “We’re building an inclusive culture. Our players and staff have the responsibility to meet those standards and live out the values of our organization. Cammy has agreed to undergo sensitivity training and has offered to make a monetary donation to a local women’s shelter. Toronto Ultra will match his donation.” 

Cammy has since apologized for his actions and states that he will “seek more knowledge on the impact of my words”

Community Reception

While Cammy has taken responsibility for his actions,  many of his onlookers and fans in the CoD community have stated that Toronto Ultra’s decision to put Cammy through sensitivity training is unnecessary, stating his nationality to be the reason behind his use of the word. With many reasoning that the severity of the word in question is not as dire in Scottish and Australian groups as opposed to North  American ones. With Cammy being Scottish, pro players and industry professionals are using twitter to voice their contempt with Toronto Ultra’s decision with some colorful language of their own.

CDL Commentator Miles Ross JR replied to Cammy’s tweet about the situation with: “what have you done now ya wee c***?”.

100 Thieves player Froste replied to EsportTalk’s own Jake Lucky with “LFMAOOOOOO”.

Australian Valorant commentator Mitch Leslie quote tweeted Jake Lucky’s Post with “ oh s*** im f*****”.

Lauren Scott of Character Select Agency, an Esports Talent Agency replied to Jake with “sick c***”.

Upon all of this, multiple quote retweets of Toronto Ultra’s statement have included the word in question, as it appears the whole esports community is coming together to criticize Ultra’s decision to police the language of a player over the severity of a word being different from country to country. 

The Toronto Ultra twitter account has yet to respond to the criticism.


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