CoD Mobile Getting an ‘Among Us’ Like Mode Called Werewolf

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Feb, 24th 2021

Among Us is still a pretty big hit on the streaming scene, so it was only a matter of time before games like CoD: Mobile jumped on with their own mode. Thanks to the CoD: Mobile version in China, there’s a game playlist called “Werewolf” that could very well be making its way to the West. So will we see Among Us in CoD: Mobile this year as a playable mode? We sure could! Now that’s exciting news. This reveal came from a Youtuber named Zenix, who showed off the gameplay footage of the Werewolf mode.

An American Werewolf in Meltdown

The footage that is out there for the Werewolf playlist has 12 players drop down into the Meltdown map, and from there, everyone spreads out and gathers resources. This is similar to doing tasks in Among Us, it sounds like, so CoD: Mobile definitely has its own mode similar to the hit multiplayer game. Players will gather resources and a variety of weapons to complete the tasks set out for them. Just like in Among Us, the players will get together before too long, and discuss the round.

Players will get a bit of time in this CoD: Mobile mode to talk about who is innocent/guilty, like in Among Us. Then it’s time to vote! The players will also vote on who is guilty, and the one with the most votes gets kicked from the lobby. This gameplay loop will repeat until there is one winner. Unlike Among Us though, the CoD mode will let the characters explore the whole map. It’s a pretty big map it looks like, where they’ll find items, weapons, and resources.

From what we’ve seen, the actual tasks are pretty easy, and simply going to the right spot and interacting will complete the task. From pistols to shotguns, and melee weapons too, we’ll have plenty of tools to be sneaky with. Melee is probably risky though. You don’t want to reveal who you are as the sus player. Sadly, there’s no definitive date for this to come to the West.

It’s not even a guarantee, but it’s a possibility. Typically, these things come out a few months later from China to the North American release, so we’ll be keeping an eye out. Perhaps there will be an official collaboration between the Among Us team, and the CoD: Mobile team to make this new mode as good as it can possibly be.


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