CoD Mobile Confirms Iconic FAMAS And SKS Are Coming in Next Season

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jan, 18th 2021

Fun Fact: The FAMAS was the first gun I ever really fell in love with in CoD. I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s probably not good. That said, with the next CoD Mobile season (Season 1), two of the most iconic guns in the franchise are coming back: FAMAS and the SKS! One of the things that would make a Call of Duty game, just in general, much better, is to bring back our favorite guns, maps, and perks and slap them into one game. To put these in a free-to-play mobile game is a good start. We just hope they won’t be wildly pay-to-win (RE: locked behind ridiculous boxes that take forever to get).

Powerful Tweets

This all started on January 16th, when the CoD Mobile Twitter teased that a new weapon is approaching the game. They asked the players to guess what it was. It’s pretty clear just by looking at the image that it was the FAMAS. I know that silly/powerful gun anywhere. But that’s not all!  Another teaser image came next, saying “Wait..there’s more?! Can you guess what weapon this is?  Coming in the next season of #CODMobile”.

Now, it might not have the exact same name as before. Several guns in CoD Mobile have had their names altered, but it will still be the powerful FAMAS and SKS in your mobile game. It’s interesting and perhaps weird that we’re not going to see this in Season 14 though. That’s right, we’re going to have “Season 1”, rolling things back to a new start.

Whenever this major update rolls out, the most important part is “FAMAS” and “SKS” are both coming to CoD Mobile. Who cares about map remakes? Sure, CoD Mobile has maps from CoD 4, Black Ops 1, and some of the guns from Advanced Warfare and other Black Ops games? Two truly iconic guns are 100% confirmed coming to CoD Mobile in the SKS and FAMAS. I’m pretty excited about this, even despite how angry I was about the Mythic Gun and all the microtransactions.

Hopefully, these won’t be too bonkers to get. Other than FAMAS and SKS, what do you want to see in CoD Mobile? Let us know over on social media!


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