CoD Leak Alleges MW3 Campaign Remastered is Coming In 2021

by in Call of Duty | May, 3rd 2021

The rumor of a CoD MW3 Remastered campaign is an interesting one, to say the least. There are also talks it could even be a temporary Playstation 5 exclusive. Remember back when MW2 got a remaster? Everyone was so excited until we realized it wouldn’t have Multiplayer to also be remastered. There are rumors it was/has been remastered, but hasn’t been launched for whatever reason. So if this leak is also true, it could still disappoint people if there’s not a remastered multiplayer to go with the launch. But there is a chance that a remastered version of CoD MW3’s campaign could be hitting us in 2021, and it’s still exciting to see.

Leak By TheMW2Ghost:

Originally leaked by TheMW2Ghostthis weekend, it should be taken with a grain of salt as always. However, TheMW2Ghost has accurately dropped leaks before, such as calling cards and a variety of in-game events. On Twitter they had this to say:

“So, it was originally set for Q2 of this year under a deal with PlayStation, but not sure if that’s still the case (date). Apparently it’s definitely still coming at some point this year.”

Didn’t bother posting the original tweet, because it was (by the leaker’s own words) worded weird. Sounds like it’s yet again another “Campaign only” remastered for CoD MW3, which will surely upset people. Some people are excited of course. But there is always going to be the vocal group of CoD fans that want multiplayer. There is no guarantee that this is true, no matter how accurate someone’s leaks in the past are. Plans could change or could be outright canceled for one reason or another, and without warning. 

My favorite part of the CoD experience was the story, then the multiplayer, but I understand why some people may feel differently. If true though, it’s a pretty huge thing to see more remastered campaigns drop on consoles and PC. With as many development studios working on Call of Duty, this could also make sense in the grand scheme of things. 


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