CoD: Cold War Playstation Exclusive Bonuses Sends Fans into a Rage

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 9th 2020

Console exclusives aren’t exactly a new phenomenon when it comes to games these days. However, CoD’s Cold War title has people up in arms over the Playstation exclusive bonuses. It seems like whenever Activision works up something to make people happy (Modern Warfare dropping Lootboxes back in 2019), we get something new and exciting that feels unfair. Is this unfair though? Of course, it is! It’s not news in Call of Duty though. The way it used to be, Microsoft got content/perks first, but as of late, that’s gone to the Playstation.

However, what Microsoft is nothing compared to what the Playstation users are going to be receiving. Simply getting an exclusive mode wasn’t enough. What is the PlayStation crowd getting in the Cold War?

Which Side Are You On?

CoD: Cold War feels like it’s rewarding players for picking Playstation over PC/Xbox, and it shows. It’s not even subtle this time. Playstation users will receive 2 extra create-a-class slots (only for Playstation users, mind), as well as extra Tier Skips, Extra Weapon XP, and Double XP events that are exclusive for Playstation Cold War players.

That’s right, every month, Playstation users will receive a 24-hour Double EXP boost, but it gets better. If your party has other Playstation users in it, everyone will get 25% more Weapon XP, as long as you’re in a party. So yeah, if you’re a PlayStation user, this seems awesome. Who would be mad about getting free stuff, right?

BenjaminWareing on Reddit posted their thoughts about the debacle on Reddit:

“There is no trade-off, cross-play is a granted, it’s just anti-consumer at this point and if it was a consequence of PlayStation’s exclusivity deal with Activision, they should bow their heads in shame. This is gross and is another stepping stone along the way towards complete player base disenfranchising. This is another stepping stone along the way to losing players to non-predatory alternative games.”

The worst thing about this is that nothing’s going to change. You know what happened in Battlefield 2 when the players felt taken advantage of? They spoke up. They stopped playing, stopped supporting it, and change happened. Granted, it also helped that people outside of the gaming sphere stepped in to talk about the issue.  That’s not going to happen in a Call of Duty game, let’s be honest. Too many people love the game to just stop. Playstation getting more than one exclusive bonus just for playing Cold War on a PS console? That’s disgusting.

With crossplay being a thing in 2020/2021, Playstation users are going to have an advantage over the Microsoft/PC players. Being able to level faster, getting access to more weapons faster? It’s really disappointing to see something like this happening. Does that make Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War a pay-to-win game? Perhaps. If nothing else, the Playstation version is definitely pay-to-go-faster, and it’s a slippery slope.

At least Playstation users can’t gain special powers and abilities by spending real money, so it’s not as bad as Battlefield 2. Everyone could do it in that game, but it was still worth discussing. Call of Duty has spent time making the Playstation experience (pardon the expression) better, and spend less time fixing game-breaking bugs. How is this the CoD experience in 2020? We can just hope things change, and change fast.


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