Coach Accused of Assault, cvMax, Sentenced to 1M KRW Fine

by in League of Legends | Feb, 18th 2021

Back in 2019, Team Griffin’s Choi “Sword” Sung-won filed a police report and lawsuit against Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho. The allegations were that he was being assaulted and harassed by cvMax, who was his coach. As of today, the South Korean (Uijeongbu) sentenced cvMax to a 1,000,000 KRW (905 USD) fine for his actions. It sounds like a lot either way, but basically, under a grand for assault. Will he be appealing? It’s being said cvMax will be consulting with his attorney on that matter.

Harassment and Assault

Sword sued cvMax in November 2019, and cvMax was given an order from the prosecution in 2020. However, cvMax objected and wanted a formal trial. Six public trials later, and a 1m KRW has been sentenced as a fine to cvMax altogether. As we reported back in 2019, Sword accused cvMax of hitting his chair and shaking him during feedback on his work, in February 2019.

While none of the witnesses testified they saw this particular incident, they all said there was physical contact in some of these feedback sessions. It sounds like that was enough to convince people. However, according to cvMax’s attorney Cho Gyu-nam conciliated players with lies to conflict the story, thanks to the previous incident with Kanavi. They also alleged Sword was still close to cvMax, even after this event went down.

cvMax still maintained innocence, and that he did not go beyond what was normal rational coaching. That may be true though. Coaching for League of Legends is pretty intense in South Korea, but it’s clear that Sword did not agree with the methods. Regardless, the EFC (Esports Fair Commission) suspended cvMax for five months and said that would stand, no matter what was decided by the courts.

It’s unfortunate that all of this even went down to start with, but it sounds like cvMax went way over the line. We’ll never really know what went down, but the sentence has been handed out. It’s up to cvMax on whether or not he’ll return after his suspension is up. Even though Team Griffin disbanded, it’s never too late to try and make a return/comeback, and make a positive impact instead of letting your legacy be stained. Was cvMax’s sentenced fine enough, or was it too much? We’re curious what you think over on social media!


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