Cloud9’s Tenz Steps Down to Be a Content Creator

by in Valorant | Jan, 13th 2021

Cloud9’s Tenz was a true gift in the CSGO community. A player with remarkable aim, he stepped down from the CSGO team to instead, take on Valorant play. However, in a shocking turn, Tenz steps down from the Valorant to instead pursue content creation. We’re shocked to see this, as Valorant is still a very young game, and Tenz could offer a lot to his C9 teammates. Instead, he moves on to content creation instead.

C9 Blue No More

Now, this isn’t to say he’s leaving Cloud9, not by a long shot. He’ll still be a member of C9, just on the content creation side, instead of a pro Valorant player. Tenz is still quite young for an esports pro of his skill, so as he steps down, we’re very confused as to why. The decision for Tenz to step down was his choice too. Don’t worry though, he’s not gone forever!

Cloud9 spoke about it on Twitter to say farewell for now:

“The original member of #C9BLUE @TenZ_CS has elected to step down from the team and competitive @PlayVALORANT  to pursue content creation. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Cloud9 competitively – time to watch you shine in content!”

Lack of LAN to Blame


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