Cloud9 Recruit An All-Female Valorant Roster – Cloud9 White

by in Valorant | Oct, 26th 2020

Valorant’s esports continues to grow and swell, despite no official Riot Games support. That doesn’t change the future esports orgs see in it. Now, Cloud9 has joined Dignitas among the few teams that have an all-female team. That’s right, Cloud9 signed an all-female Valorant roster: get ready for Cloud9 White! So many orgs have recruited Valorant teams, but not many believe in the female presence in the game like Cloud9 apparently.

More orgs are wisely trying to appeal to the female demo, and bring female fans/gamers to esports. It’s a smart move, and picking such a talented group like Cloud9 White is just as smart. Sure, this is probably a move to make more money, but breaking gendered stereotypes in esports is something absolutely has to happen right now.

Who Run The World?

So who is a part of Cloud9 White? According to the tweet by Cloud9, we can expect great things from Alexis ‘alexis’ Guarrasi, Annie ‘AnnieDro’ Roberts, Jasmine ‘Jazzyk1ns’ Manankil, Melanie ‘meL’ Capone, and ‘Katsumi’. What’s better, is that these Valorant players have experience working together, making it easier for them to come together for success in the future.

They’ll practice together, scrim against each other, and that’s amazing. Are we ready to hear whiny dorks on Reddit claim the Cloud9 female Valorant roster is going to be “chasing clout” or “cheating”? Of course, they will, but don’t pay it any mind. Those kinds of people are not willing to believe that women belong in gaming.

Spoiler Warning: They do, and Cloud9 White wouldn’t be signed if the org didn’t see success for them. We want to see an all-female team like Cloud9 White stomp through some of the male teams, to prove they belong. They shouldn’t have to do that, but that’s just the way it is. We’re excited to see Cloud9 though and believe they have what it takes to go far in Valorant.

Cloud9 White is already prepping to do battle as of today! October 26th, they will take up the C9 banner in Riot’s First Strike tournament qualifiers. Not being relegated to “Female Leagues”, and having the ability to compete equally, that feels like a first. Perhaps we’ll see a mix of male/female talent on a team in the future. That’s the next step.


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