Cloud9 Leaving CSGO As Colossus Experiment Fails

by in CS:GO | Mar, 26th 2021

A sad day for Cloud9 fans today, as the team is reportedly dropping their CSGO “Colossus” roster, and leaving the scene for the time being. The news comes shortly after the team failed to advance past the ground stage at the ESL Pro League Season 13 event, going 2-3 in their group.

Sad Times For NA’s First Major Winner

News of Cloud9, the first NA team to win a Major, leaving CSGO came courtesy of Ryan on Twitter, who spoke with team owner Jack Etienne about the decision. Jack noted that the continued struggle in Europe with the COVID pandemic, where EU member states are struggling to acquire enough vaccines and rollout their dispersement programs, had made providing for the roster too difficult for the time being, and had been having a negative impact on the players mental health and practice capabilities. As a result, the players have been benched for the time being and allowed to look for new teams to call home. HenryG is still under contract with the org as of the time of this article’s publication.

A Rough, But Not Final, End for Cloud9 CSGO

Cloud9’s CSGO departure comes after an incredibly rough couple of years since the team won the Boston Major back in 2018. Multiple roster shuffles have failed to produce the strong results fans had come to expect of the org, with multiple middling results and failed qualifications, and the team has slipped further and further down the world power rankings, dropping several times out of the top 30. The Colossus, an EU-based roster building project former caster HenryG was tasked with late last summer, was supposed to be Cloud9’s triumphant return to the top of CS, but continued struggles and a lack of LAN events meant the several million dollar roster never found the success the team was hoping for, leading to the current decision to leave the scene.

Ryan did note, however, that Cloud9’s departure would not be permanent, with the reporter noting:

“I spoke with Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne earlier today who confirmed that Cloud9 would be departing CS:GO, but told me that the organization remains committed to the scene and intends to return with a North American roster when it is viable after COVID-19.”

Whether that will be anytime soon is anyone’s guess as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, but fans can at least take comfort in knowing the team will eventually return, and this time back to it’s home in North America.


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