Cloud9 Is Recruiting For Wild Rift; Are You Up To The Challenge?

by in League of Legends | Jun, 25th 2021

Cloud9 is officially throwing its hat into the Wild Rift ring! This comes right on the heels of the org announcing Zelo to its Wild Rift roster. But they need more people than that! Sure, Zelo’s amazing, but the team needs to be filled with stars ready to dunk any other team down. If you think you have what it takes though, well, Cloud9 has an open form that anyone can pick up. It’s a bold move, that’s for sure. Normally, larger orgs like Cloud9 just announce a roster filled with players ready to go. This is a different, and exciting move.

It sounds like orgs are going different routes to find Wild Rift teams. TSM is reportedly looking for a squad in Brazil, while Cloud9 is opening the gates to any North American players with enough skill.

Applicants in North America Only:

Zelo’s relatively new to the scene, but they’ve been grinding Wild Rift hard recently. Zelo’s the first member to join the Cloud9 Wild Rift roster, but you could very well be the next one! If you live in North America and are a hardcore Wild Rift player, you could make the Cloud9 Wild Rift tryouts. Wild Rift is still young on the mobile MOBA scene, having only had its full launch in March 2021. 

We expect there to be easily thousands of participants, but if you think you’re the cream of the crop in Wild Rift, you should definitely enter using this Google Form. You don’t need to fill out a ton of information, either. Just a few personal details, where you live in North America, your Discord name, Summoner Name/Tag, your highest rank in Wild Rift, and your current Rank. You also need to pick a main role and backup, if applicable. You’re likely better served if you have two roles to play. 

Cloud9 also asks if you have previous MOBA experience, whether it’s on PC or Mobile. We imagine that the majority of players are probably at least familiar with League of Legends on PC, but there is a wealth of mobile MOBAs to have tried out. Wild Rift is definitely growing, and Cloud9 has made a really interesting play to reach out to the general public. 

A cynic would say that Cloud9 recruiting this way shows they aren’t serious about Wild Rift, but this writer would definitely disagree. It’s so hard to get into esports at any level, especially with a major org like C9. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who works at the mobile MOBA scene to really show what they can do and get a big break. This writer’s only regret is not grinding Wild Rift harder when it came out. We can’t wait to see who gets picked, and hopefully, some up-and-comers make a name for themselves.


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