Cloud9 Benches TenZ, CS20 Sees Old Knife Return, More – CS:GO Recap 10/21/2019

by in CS:GO | Oct, 21st 2019

Welcome back everyone to our daily recap of CS:GO news. Today we’ve got a look at Cloud9’s surprise roster change, the return of the 1.6 knife for CS20, a loot at DreamHack Rotterdam, and more.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Cloud9 CSGO Roster Changes: TenZ Out, Subroza In

Following two months of repeated struggles at the Artic Invitational and ECS, Cloud9 has finally come out, making roster changes, though who exactly the team removed is rather surprising.

In an announcement video on the team’s Twitter, team captain Daps announced that TenZ would be benched from the squad after differences in how the team should play, and that young Canadian Subroza would be taking over his spot on a trial period.

The move came as a shock to many fans of the team, as the general consensus had been that TenZ would one day become the core of the next generation of the team.

Many expressed frustration and made jokes at the team’s continued failure following the Boston Major last year, and their inability to settle on a roster for lengthy periods.

Hopefully, the team can find it’s footing with Subroza on the line-up, but the talk of disagreements leading up to the Cloud9 CSGO roster changes is somewhat concerning.

We’ll know if things are looking up later today, though when Cloud9 takes on INTZ in the fourth week of ECS Season 8.

CS20 Sees Old Knife Return

On the non-esport side of CSO news today, we got the exciting reveal of a new case this weekend to celebrate the 20th birthday of the CS franchise, and within it lies a rather impressive new knife skin celebrating the history of the game.

The new skin is an updated version of the CS 1.6 knife, allowing old school players a chance to take a trip down memory lane, though given it’s an exceedingly rare drop from the case, you may have to roll quite a few to get it.

DreamHack Rotterdam Recap

Our last stop of the day takes us over to The Netherlands, where DreamHack Open Rotterdam went off over the weekend.

While most of the participants of the tournament were top 30 teams, we did get two smaller orgs showing up in Asterion and Beşiktaş Esports, the ladder of which all eyes were on as they entered the tournament with an all-female roster.

The team had qualified through the all-female DreamHack Showdown Valencia tournament and was looking to prove themselves as just as capable as any all-male team.

Unfortunately, the team failed to register a single win in there two matches, going an abysmal 10-48 across three maps.

Given the team had a sub standing in for the event, they can at least say their performance was hindered from the start. But, given how they played, I’m not sure the full squad would’ve sadly faired much better.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the standings, AVANGAR was looking the tournament favorites going into the playoffs, but face a sudden halt against CR4ZY, who surprised the Kazaks in their series with a very close 2-1 win.

AVANGAR was forced to watch from the sidelines as CR4ZY took down Heroic 2-1 in the Grand Final to take home the $50,000 prize.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back tomorrow with more CS:GO news, so stay tuned!


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