Clix Unbanned From Twitch After Only One Day

by in Entertainment | Feb, 17th 2021

Yesterday, we reported on Clix being banned on Twitch for the third time. There was a lot of fear and chatter that it could be a permaban, though the actual reason why he was banned is unknown. Whether it was that brief explicit photo that was shown or a DMCA takedown, there’s no telling -unless Clix talks about it on an upcoming stream, as the Fortnite pro has been unbanned from Twitch.

“I’m Back” – Clix on Being Unbanned From Twitch

The interesting thing is that it was supposed to be an indefinite ban. It could be appealed, and it sounds like it was. Regardless, Clix has been unbanned on Twitch as of yesterday and is free to stream again. There was a huge #FreeClix movement on Twitter, and perhaps that helped get Twitch to review the punishment they handed out. If it was a DMCA strike, it would only be his second and is not worth a permaban.

After 1 day, 15 hours, and 32 minutes, @StreamerBans posted (who once again listed the wrong Twitter handle somehow), Clix was unbanned on Twitch. Clix’s team (NRG), the CEO (Andy Miller), and much of the Fortnite community rallied behind the player to do their part in unbanning the popular streamer. We first saw this from a Tweet from NRG themselves, a simple “CLIX IS FREE”.

It was a terrible time for the ban, too. Clix had just dominated the Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier, only to get banned on Twitch the next day. Will we hear the reason from Clix himself? Hopefully. If it was just a DMCA event, he should stray away from copyright music, on his stream, or anyone else’s. That would make his second DMCA strike, and the third is supposed to be a permaban.

Clix could still take part in the Fortnite tournament series even if he were permabanned we can imagine. He could always just stream on Youtube or Facebook, worse comes to worst. It’s unfortunate that it happened at all if he was unjustly banned. Whatever the reason is, Clix is unbanned on Twitch, and free to get back to showing off his overwhelming Fortnite skills.


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