Clix Loses His Fortnite Creator Code After Controversial Tweet

by in Fortnite | May, 17th 2021

NRG’s Fortnite pro Cody “Clix” Conrod has had his Creator Code removed in Fortnite. The reason is unknown, but no coincidence that it was after a controversial tweet. Clix is a huge name in Fortnite and has found incredible success in the game. With a following that is likely filled with young Fortnite fans/players, it’s up to him to set a solid example for impressionable people to follow. However, Clix has said that after losing his Creator Code, he will do better.

Is It Too Late For Maturation? Never:

Clix is well-known for his personality, and a wide array of upsetting decisions. He’s been banned on Twitch three times, the last being 3 months ago. He’s been threatened with a ban by Fortnite if he continued to make Wager Matches. There was also talk of him using the N-Word in a stream. The loss of Clix’s Creator Code is a serious blow to his income, since fans of the streamer can no longer make purchases using it, to directly support him. 

It’s said that these codes grant 5% of the revenue straight to the player, and many of the top players make outrageous sums of money on it. Ninja has claimed he made 5mil in a month, for example. At first, Clix merely said “lost my code not really sure why haven’t done viewer wagers since I got my first warning,” then it apparently became clear. 

We won’t quote the tweet here, because it’s incredibly vulgar, and honestly just gross. If you’re curious about what he said, you can find the now-deleted tweet by Clix here. It’s been said Clix has contacted Epic Games, but no response has reportedly been made. Clix did however make a statement yesterday, promising he will do better:

Gonna start being more mature on stream & all social media platforms. Learned a huge lesson about the creator code stuff, I just love f**king around and being myself but with the huge community I have, I needa start setting an example. I’m gonna still b myself i’m not lettin anyone change me or make me fake my personality, just needa stop the stupid overline s**t (tweets that’ll affect contracts/epic games etc)”

Now, the tweet itself was gross. We could see how someone would certainly be offended by it, but at the worst, it’s just vile. But if you’re representing a company and they’re paying you to promote it (through the Creator Code), it’s up to Clix and other players to not upset that trust. Nobody is saying “fake your personality” or be someone you aren’t. But there are simply things that ought not to be said or done, like that tweet. There’s no word though if Epic Games will give the Clix another chance with a Creator Code, but hopefully, he gets a chance at redemption. Clix does have a long history of making mistakes, so there’s no telling if this one tweet is what got him in hot water. We can’t say for certain, but we do know he has a history in the community, and it could just be catching up on him.


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