Clix Denies Use of N-Word During Stream

by in Fortnite | Nov, 25th 2020

Before we get started with this, just a bit of an editorial note from the writer. We have no dog in this fight one way or another. This writer in particular is not an active watcher of Clix, nor does he dislike him. But watching the clip from an objective perspective, it definitely sounds like Clix dropped the N Word in a recent Fortnite stream. Though Clix, of NRG fame, denies this, it’s clear as day if you ask me. 

Denial of Accusations, Courtesy of Clix

The problem with words like this is that they don’t accidentally slip out. If it’s something you say on a stream accidentally, that’s because it’s a part of your vocabulary when the camera isn’t running. This came from a stream clip that dropped on Twitter yesterday. At the start of the clip, he says “N**a how. . . why” and starts to stumble over what he’s saying.

The way he speaks after sounds like he realized it, and is changing how he speaks to make it less obvious. We’ve listened to the clip several times though and in no instance is that “li-uh how” as is claimed in the Twitlonger. It’s definitely not what he said there.

Clix made a statement via Twitlonger this morning, that reads points out that word is not a part of his vocabulary and he’d never use the N Word in a stream or otherwise. However, we can’t deny that it definitely sounds like he did.

The actual apology in his Twitlonger is as follows:

“Even with that being said, I am truly sorry to anyone out there that has been offended by what happened today and I’m going to put a ton of effort moving forward to make sure a misunderstanding like this doesn’t happen again. I have never said it and it will continue to be that way forever.”

This is a really blatant use of such a racial slur in my estimation, and it’s not exactly the first time it’s cropped up in an esports player’s stream. Jukes, Zayn (more racism than simply the N Word), and Kyle Larson are just a few of the examples. 

Now, we’re not saying Clix is a bad person, and not even saying he’s a racist for using the N-Word on stream. That’s not my place to say or judge. But I am saying that what was said is reprehensible, and he certainly needs to re-evaluate how he speaks going forward. You can find the clip here if you’re interested. Taking accountability for one’s actions is important, and if you mess up and say something awful, you should definitely take accountability and make amends/apologize sincerely. Throwing dirt over a problem doesn’t actually fix anything. 


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