DMCA Bans Hit Clix and Squishymuffinz, But Twitch Unbans Them

by in Entertainment | Nov, 4th 2020

The Twitch DMCA saga is never-ending, it seems. Though Shroud originally seemed to think streamers could unionize and take a “united front” to make the DMCA back down, it’s too little, too late now. The bans have been absolutely absurd, and not a soul seems safe. Even Herman Li, guitarist of Dragonforce was hit with a DMCA ban for playing his own band’s music on his own guitar in a Twitch stream. That’s how things stand right now. Thankfully, Clix and Squishymuffins, a pair of partners banned in the second wave, saw unbans thanks to Twitch shortly after.

Though this isn’t Clix’s first time being banned, at least this time, it’s not something as blatant as streaming with a banned streamer. These DMCA bans genuinely feel like they’re getting out of control.

Nobody is Safe

Pokimane, Herman Li, LIRIK, you name them, they’re in danger with these bans. Not every streamer has seen a DMCA ban notification though. These bans happen with virtually no explanation, either. The counter seems to be to remove all VODs and clips from your channel if they have even a hint of copyrighted material in it. The downside is clear: potentially years of memories, history, and memes are being destroyed thanks to the DMCA.

We’re glad to see Cody “Clix” Conrod and Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda, both members of NRG Esports caught unbans thanks to Twitch and the DMCA controversy. Clix’s 2.1 million follower audience is not enough to stop the bans from coming. This is his 2nd DMCA copyright strike too. If he catches one more, even if there’s a clip with a tiny bit of audio that he doesn’t rightfully own, he gets banned forever. 

Squishymuffinz on the other hand was banned right away, no strikes it seems. His query on Twitter was “Banned from twitch, is there anything I can do to fix this?”

Having 600,000 followers on Twitch did nothing to quell the anger of the DMCA, apparently. Both Clix and SquishyMuffinz saw unbans come their way, but they still have to delete all of their VODs and clips on Twitch. A few hours later, after he was unbanned, NRG Squishymuffinz said:

“Deleting all my VODs Clips ETC, not taking anymore chances in the future, thank you to the community for all the support I’ll try to stream tomorrow, gonna deal with the VODs and clips for today.”

Make sure you’re careful when streaming now. Don’t let your audience clip something that has copyrighted material in it, and be very careful of what you play and what audio is in it. Is this fair? Absolutely not, it’s not fair. There’s no resource but to kowtow right now though. We imagine that games like Tony Hawk, the earlier WWE games, and anything else that had copyrighted band music in it should probably be avoided or muted. 

Could streamers band together to form some kind of union in the future? There’s no telling. We’re just surprised Twitch doesn’t have the backs of the people that make them their millions of dollars a year. All we can do as streamers right now delete anything that might have copyrighted material in it, just to be safe. There are streamers, big and small, that could lose everything on Twitch in an instant, just because of something minor like a song clip. 


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