CLG Introduces All-Women CLG Red Valorant Squad

by in Valorant | Mar, 16th 2021

More and more esports orgs see the value of skilled all-women squads, the latest being CLG’s Valorant roster. Though we don’t know the full roster yet, we know that it will be led by former CSGO pro Benita “bENITA” Novshadian. CLG Red is the Valorant squad’s name. We’re quite excited to see who they pick up to back up bENITA in-game. A former CSGO pro, she’s had quite a few excellent victories under her belt. Hopefully, the future is bright for CLG Red.

The Future is Bright For Women in Esports

There are always going to be naysayers and people with ignorant opinions on women in gaming. Now, CLG Red’s Valorant roster joins Dignitas Female, Cloud9 White, Team MAJKL, and the Evil Geniuses co-ed roster for Valorant. This, compounded with some of Riot’s initiatives, means we can potentially see far more options for women in esports. 

A solid example is VCT Game Changers and the Game Changers Academy, which will help grow the numbers of marginalized genders in esports. The chance for women to grow in esports without being harassed and ridiculed would be fantastic. So far, we know that the CLG women’s Valorant team has bENITA. I don’t imagine we’ll have to wait long to see who the squad will be. 

“I’m so honored and proud to be the in-game leader and captain of this new project,” said bENITA. “It’s a dream to have multiple games within the Red brand.”

Having an eight-time CSGO champion as your IGL and captain of the squad is a brilliant idea. They carry a lot of skills and experience that can help the rest of their team succeed. Though we’re willing to bet the rest of the team will have just as much skill and drive to win. We know that this is exciting news for CLG Red and could mean big things for the Valorant scene as it pertains to women’s rosters. 


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