Clayster and Other CDL Pros Call for Major Changes

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 8th 2021

Clayster, Octane, and other CDL pros are looking for changes to the next major event format. Atlanta FaZe showed up during the CDL Stage 1 Major, showing why they’re the team to beat. Sure, the New York Subliners did great, blasting OpTic Chicago 3-0. It felt like destiny that Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe would fight it out, but Dallas was no match. What was so wrong with the format? What needs to change? A Best-of-9 Grand Finals where the team coming from winners has no actual advantage? That’s not a good look. In virtually every esport, the player/team coming from Winners has to do less work. After all, they are in the winner’s bracket! The player coming from losers should have to do more work.

Winners Had No Advantage At All

We’ve seen Best-of-9s before in CDL, but the CDL Grand Finals’ actual format is where Clayster and others had a problem. “If there was ever a tourney to win from losers, it’s in this new format. Playing a team fresh off a loss is a huge advantage and then in the finals, there’s no WB advantage. No map advantage, no reset required, just a straight-up bo9. Very, very interesting.”

In fighting games, for instance, it’s not uncommon for the winner to only need one Best-of-5 to win, and the player from losers has to win two Best-of-5s back-to-back to win the whole set/tournament. Even if the winner’s bracket team could start with a game or two up on the other player, that would probably be reasonable. Clayster pointed out that he voiced his concerns about these format changes for the CDL. He’s not the only one.

Patrick “Aches” Price said that Atlanta FaZe was at a disadvantage. They had several hours to cool down. The team coming out of losers was “fresh off a big win.” As it stands right now, nothing definitive has been said. We don’t even know if the CDL tournament runners will listen to Clayster, Jkap, and others for some changes. 

I’d like to see the fighting game Best-of-5, where the loser resets the bracket if they win, requiring two Bo5s to win (and the winning team only has to win one Bo5). A best-of-9 with a one or two win advantage would be preferable to the way things are right now. 


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