CIS CSGO Teams Want Akuma Investigated for Cheating

by in CS:GO | Jun, 3rd 2021

Scandal hits the CSGO scene, as 14 teams in the CIS region want the Akuma roster investigated for cheating. Granted, on any given day, a team can beat any other team, sure. In a statement made by 14 out of 16 teams, the tournament organizers did not record team communications. This should be the standard in every major tournament but somehow was not the case here. Allegedly, the tournament also didn’t feature any third-party anti-cheat. It somehow gets even worse than that though. The team in question, Akuma placed third in the RMR (Regional Major Ranking) after besting teams like Natus Vincere and

However, some information allegedly came to light that CSGO team Akuma had access to third parties to show their opponents’ positions on the map and were thus cheating. If true, this is absolutely horrible, and really paints several people in a very bad light. This sounds like a job for ESIC.

Will An Investigation Go Down?

Matches like this need to have a delay on the feed of 30 seconds or so. This way, someone can’t cheat, see the other team’s feed, and know exactly where they are, and what they’re doing. It’s also amazing to hear that Akuma (or any other team) wasn’t recorded during the tournament. Akuma running roughshod over the EPIC League CIS has been talked about quite a lot over the last week.

A letter of protest was made by 14 of the 16 teams (excluding Akuma and ex-Marlian) to the CSGO team of Valve about this cheating. The teams suspect the Akuma team and players of foul play and suspect the team in question was receiving unfair information. Since there was no third-party anti-cheat and recorded comms, it is very hard to make any kind of investigation into the matter, which the RESF allegedly did conduct.

The RESF claims that there was no evidence of foul play but the CIS CSGO teams don’t believe the Akuma investigation went through the necessary protocols. Due to lack of recording, lack of anti-cheat, and things like this, it doesn’t sound feasible that a fair investigation was actually made. The open letter then says:

Considering this, we ask that you involve ESIC or any other competent authority not only to conduct a full investigation into AKUMA, but also to lay out protocols to ensure that this scenario will not occur again in the future. If the legitimacy of AKUMA’s actions is confirmed, this will also help their players by minimizing any pressure that they might face from the community in future tournaments. Given the specifics of the described situation, we are eager to provide all the information our teams have in order to find the truth behind what happened.

Is it possible that Akuma just dominated the CSGO tournament and wasn’t cheating? It’s absolutely possible. But if most of the teams are suspicious, it does sound like something is amiss. The RESF did post a Twitlonger about the accusations about the Akuma roster. While the RESF apparently found no foul play, they did agree to notify Valve and the ESIC of the situation:

Russian Esports Federation stands for fair esports and adheres a zero-tolerance policy for unfair play. However, the interpretation of the players’ actions during the match cannot serve as a reliable confirmation of foul play. We have collected all the necessary information to make a decision, notified Valve and ESIC of the situation, and are ready, if necessary, to conduct a retrial with their participation, providing the full amount of information we have collected.

Quite a few people have come out to speak about the events, such as Natus Vincere’s coach Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodenskiy. They lost in the opening round of the upper bracket to Akuma. He recently appeared on HLTV to talk about exactly this:

Personally, I think that they were cheating 100%,” the 34-year-old said on the talk show. “Especially Sergiz […], the way he pushes positions… We knew that he would push some positions, and in the end he pushed them, but every time it was when we weren’t watching him. And the same was against VP. Then all the clips with the radar and so on started, and of course you can’t watch the radar when you’re in clutch situations. It’s impossible, right? You must be focused on your crosshair.

Sadly, with a lack of recorded footage/audio, we cannot imagine anything will be done about it. The RMR qualifiers are how you get into the most prestigious tournament in the world for CSGO. If there is cheating going down at one of these events, it’s an absolute travesty. There are also rumors that one of the RMR admin was communicating with Akuma, according to OverDrive on Twitter. This admin in particular was also the referee of the match and would have access to significant info of the other team. These are very serious accusations, and hopefully, Valve and the ESIC will get involved to find the truth of the matter.


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