Chuck E Cheese Makes Bid for Survival With Fall Guys Stream

by in Entertainment | Aug, 7th 2020

This particular writer is old enough to remember when Chuck E Cheese was known as ShowBiz Pizza. It’s been a long time since then, though, and the company has struggled to find it’s footing in the modern era. But the long-time seller of pizza and purveyor of arcade games and tickets isn’t going the way of Sears just yet, and is making a bid for survival! How? Why, Chuck E Cheese recently ran a Fall Guys stream on Twitch! Fall Guys would fit perfectly into the world of Chuck E Cheese, with both being bright, colorful and cheery. It would not be amiss if it were in one of the mouse’s arcades.

You can also check out Chuck E Cheese’s stream here.

Big Time Success

After all, it sounds like Charles the Mouse has fallen on hard times. COVID-19 really hurt a lot of restaurants, and one like his, that requires lots of kids to be there, buying pizza and playing video games would no doubt suffer. Chuck even one a few of his Fall Guys games, so good news there! We have also learned that Chuck E Cheese came to Twitch about two months ago with those Animal Crossing streams. 

Another fun fact: Devolver Digital said that it reached its peak due to Chuck E Cheese running the stream on Twitch. Maybe Chuck will become a full-time partner of the Fall Guys community and run regular streams? It wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You have to keep your name out there, and while it’s not really safe to go to a Chuck E Cheese establishment right now, it is safe to go on Twitch. You know what would be neat though? If he did multiplayer streams from the perspective of Chuck and the rest of his band! They could play all kinds of games, in addition to Fall Guys.

This could be the start of something new and glorious for Chuck E Cheese, and it’s all thanks to Devolver Digital and their new hit Fall Guys. Fall Guys really has taken over for the time being. It’s such a smash success right now!


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