Former Evo Champ ChrisG Removed From Evil Geniuses Over Old Facebook Post

by in General | Jun, 24th 2020

Chris “ChrisG” Gonzalez, 2016 Evo champion in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been released from Evil Geniuses effective immediately due to an old Facebook post that went viral. This is yet another case of the FGC attempting to clean itself up as it comes under increased scrutiny while players have been sidelined during the coronavirus.

“We at EG value each member of our community, and have zero tolerance for harassment,” EG said in a statement. “After investigation, it was evident that Chris’ statements, though made in 2017, continue to have real, harmful impact in our community.”

ChrisG has had a reputation for saying things that some consider being controversial, sexist, or straight-up offensive. While he tried to clean up his image since the Facebook post and apologized for what he said, the FGC has been on a crusade to clean up its image over the past 12 months, and this is just the latest example.

ChrisG’s Story With Evil Geniuses Is a FGC Cautionary Tale

If anything, this story should serve as a cautionary tale for players and their social media accounts, even Facebook, which for some has been considered to be “private” despite being friends with most in their scene.

Despite his apology and assurances from Evil Geniuses that ChrisG would be fine, that was not good enough for management.

“Evil Geniuses really throwing me under the bus like that… AFTER EVERYTHING!!! They knew what I said, and that I regretted it,” Gonzalez said. “I told them on day one when I posted it that I really messed up. And they told me that they would help me get through it all. THEY FORCED ME TO MOVE TO SEATTLE.”

These allegations of being forced to move to Seattle were further elaborated on in a stream by ChrisG, which many FGC pros attended to support.

“I was told multiple times that Evil Geniuses was happy with how I was doing,” continued Gonzalez. “I was told multiple times when I asked them if I was gonna get dropped for the things that I did. I KNOW WHAT I DID, AND I’VE BEEN SORRY SINCE DAY 1. They said NO, I was family, and that I wasn’t going anywhere.”

ChrisG alleges that he lost out on several sponsorship activities due to the Facebook post and that he was told that he was bad for marketing as a result. ChrisG even declined to join Panda Global as a result of wanting to stay with his Evil Geniuses “family.”

On the stream, ChrisG (along with the recently banned Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramierez) noted that a good majority of players and figures in the FGC would be banned for their actions over the years. The FGC’s reckoning will likely continue, especially with the coronavirus sidelining players who have long memories and nothing to do but out each other.

Evil Geniuses Cleans House

This isn’t the only removal that Evil Geniuses has done in a rather public fashion recently. After allegations of sexual assault were unearthed by various members of the Dota 2 community, Grant “GranDGranT” Harris was released from EG’s Dota 2 division, which he was a streamer and commentator for.

Multiple threads emerged alleging that Grant has had a history of sexual misconduct towards various female members of the Dota 2 community.

“Effective immediately, Grant “GranDgranT” Harris has been released and is no longer a member of Evil Geniuses,” EG said in a statement. “We have a zero-tolerance workplace policy, and take any accusation of harassment, or a violation of our policies handbook, seriously.”

Various members of the Dota community have come forward stating that this behavior from Grant has been known by the powers for some time, so it’s unclear why he kept getting hired by various community tournament organizers, including Beyond the Summit. His behavior caused several commentators to leave the Dota 2 scene and lose work.

It’s unclear if further action will come from the Evil Geniuses camp, but this continues to be a busy week for the esports community as multiple teams look to clean house as allegations against various members come to light.


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