ChrisG Drops Out of DBFZ National Championship Due to Lag

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 27th 2020

Christopher “ChrisG” Gonzalez has dropped out of the DBFZ National Championship, following instances of massive lag spikes in his match against Reynald. He will be replaced by CinetifiKOF, who will be replaying ChrisG’s match against Reynald to keep things fair in the bracket. 

“We respect ChrisG’s decision to no longer be part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship,” Bandai Namco Esports wrote on Twitter. “We are transferring his spot in the #DBFZNC US West National Championship to @CientifiKOF. Welcome to our new competitor!”

CinentifiKOF, also known as Christian H. is a King of Fighters and Dragonball Fighterz Piccolo main who impressed with a career high 49th place finish at 

ChrisG Drops Out of Dragonball FighterZ Nationals Due to Lag

“I’ve experienced stutter before, but not like last night. I don’t play PC DBFZ much, and I don’t do lobbies, so this was new to me,” ChrisG wrote. “Last night’s set with Reynald was an interesting one, full of mashing and dropped combos. I’ve played Reynald many times, and it was never this bad. This was -almost- unplayable.”

Gonzalez notes that after the third game with Reynald he considered quitting, but he stuck it out and played the full set resulting in a 5-3 in the latter’s favor.

“With that said I refuse to do 6 more weeks of this,” ChrisG continued. “Even if I win all of my matches, I refuse to play in a serious situation where I cannot give it my all, and have the commentators make excuses for why I can’t do ABC combos. With that said I’m dropping out of the world tour. Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone involved.”

Poor Netcode and the Pandemic Continue to Plague the FGC

This isn’t the first time since the pandemic started that online lag caused massive controversy in the fighting game community. The Capcom Pro Tour NA qualifiers also had issues with players contesting the results and dropping out of the event due to lag issues

While it’s completely understandable for the pros to be frustrated by this, especially since the qualifiers for the latter event seeded Capcom Cup, these developers are left between a bit of a rock and a hard place. Either they have to outright cancel their esports plans fo the year or they can host a suboptimal event. It’s not an enviable position for them to be in either way, though the argument could be made that more damage is being done to the event’s legacy and integrity by hosting the event with poor netcode.

All of this just highlights how important it is for developers to get their act together when it comes to netcode. While some developers, like Arc System Works, are focusing on this for next generation it doesn’t solve the issue now. There have been some promising signs though in some games – Capcom has dedicated a lot of resources to solving the issue, and even Arc Sys is trying to host regional events to prevent lag from being such a massive issue. While they have not caught and fixed every issue, the effort is there.

However, when a small team can implement almost perfect rollback for a game like Super Smash Bros. Melee, it stands to question – why can’t a large developer with a huge team dedicate an amount of time and resources to fixing this issue? And if it’s become such an issue that it’s affecting competition, why aren’t there rules in place to handle instances of lag when they are reported by the competitors? These are questions that fighting game developers are increasingly going to have to answer, even if competition does return to normal in 2021 in the wake of the Coronavirus. 

ChrisG was a competitor in the US West bracket of the DBFZ National Championship before he dropped out. His fellow competitors included:

CountrySelected Players

US West
Chris G, Supernoon, Apologyman,Kuba, SubatomicSabers,Cloud805, Jonathan Tene, Reynald

US East
Deskillsage, HookGangGod, LordKnight,KnowKami, NitroBros

Shanks, Calbu, Genisgod, Gropis,Cuenca5, Tigris, GambaChristianRG

DoubleLL, Aminiassassin, MambalambaWawa, Kiden, Jila, Kayne, Noka,SilverBladez, Kasuga, Yasha

Go1, Fenritti, Kazunoko, Maddo,BNBBN, B, Matoi, Tachikawa

Matches take place every week from Friday to Sunday in each weekend from October through December 2020. 


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