Chip’s Challenge is Being Released on the SNES and Genesis

by in General | Jul, 19th 2021

There’s an increasing fondness for retro titles as of late, and it’s no surprise that people are wanting to play some of the games they played as children. Anyone in the Retro game market who’s looking to purchase something like a GameCube knows how high the prices of older games can be. However, even though some people turn to retro collecting to make a quick buck, such as the people who sold a copy of Mario 64 for 1.5 million dollars, there are consumers out there who want to enjoy the games from days gone by.

There’s also a group of people who want to help bring some games to systems, despite the fact they weren’t on the console, to begin with. One such game that’s making a resurgence is Chip’s Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar, Chip’s Challenge is a tile-based puzzle game, tasking players with helping the main character, Chip, navigate his way through a series of puzzles in the game, all while collecting computer chips. While a simple puzzle game, the title didn’t make mainstream until after its original launch, seeing that the game was originally made for the Atari Lynx. However, Microsoft commissioned a version of the game to be made for their Windows computers, and after its inclusion in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack, the game garnered massive popularity among Windows 95 users.

The game’s fun and addicting levels made for a quick pick-up and play title, and many who played the game have fond memories of the title. The franchise is anything but dead, though, as behind the scenes a second title was being made by the same developer of Chips Challenge, Chuck Somerville. However, the company Chuck Worked for, Epyx, was purchased by a company titled Bridgestone. who purchased Epyx for their Bible software. The assets for Chip’s Challenge were also included with that deal, and Bridgestone would only let Somerville publish Chip’s Challenge 2 independently after paying a six-figure fee. Unwilling to pay, the game sat in limbo until 2015, where the game was put out on Steam, as well as a version of the original Chip’s Challenge, which players can enjoy for free on the Steam Storefront.

However, during those years where Chip’s Challenge 2 was in limbo, Chuck Somerville made Chuck’s Challenge for iOS, and eventually turned the game into a 3D remaster entitled “Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020” in which players can make their own levels, as well as play the original game.

Coming Soon.. To SNES and Genesis?

Now, since all the fuss about the original Chip’s Challenge game is over, the game is being ported to SNES and Genesis, with a new coat of paint more akin to the boxart as well as a complete instruction manual, and a box to complete the package.

This version of Chip’s Challenge comes from The Retro Game Room, a website made by the developer and independent publisher John (aka Roo). After porting the entirety of Chip’s Challenge to SNES and Genesis, he is putting the game out, selling physical copies of the game since the game never made it out of the PC and Atari Lynx.

For those who are interested in picking up copies of Chip’s Challenge for themselves, preorders are open, and the game can be bought with the box and manual for $50, or just the Cartridge for $25. Regardless, if players are looking to play the classic game again for themselves, they can download it for free on Steam, though the second game is going to run players 5 bucks.

Overall, it’s always interesting to see old games make their way to consoles, even if it’s way past the discontinuation of the classic systems. The fact that independent creators can keep their projects alive, even to this day, means that a lot of people still care about the preservation of titles, and will continue to enjoy them even if more high fidelity games come out each year.


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