Chicago Huntsmen Signs Dashy, Joining Former Teammate Scump

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 14th 2020

The Chicago Huntsmen have announced that they are signing a brand new player to the team who will be quite an interesting addition to one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League. The rumors are true. We can now confirm that the Chicago Huntsmen Dashy deal is happening.

Chicago Huntsmen Signs Dashy

The Chicago Huntsmen Dashy deal has been officially made public today. The Huntsmen posted their latest roster change today, noting that they welcome Dashy back into the lineup. He will join his former teammate Scump once again for another round on the field.

This new signing isn’t too surprising as we had previously heard Chicago Huntsmen Dashy rumors about the two joining alliances for the upcoming season of the Call of Duty League. The 2020 season wasn’t too great for Dashy this year, but things are already looking up for next year.

We knew that Dashy would likely join the Chicago Huntsmen to play once again with his former OpTic teammate Scump. This was made even more possible when the Chicago Huntsmen announced that they were letting go two of their starting members from the 2020 season.

After a rather solid season for the Huntsmen, they decided to release both Arcitys and Prestinni. This was not too surprising of a move, but it was an unfortunate one nonetheless. They were unfortunate victims of the changes made to the league for the next season.

Dashy Leaves the OpTic Gaming LA Bench

Dashy will be taking the place of at least one of them and likely be part of the starting lineup for the 2021 season on the Chicago Huntsmen. That specific detail wasn’t part of the Chicago Huntsmen Dashy deal’s announcement, but it is likely given his talent.

Dashy is still one of the younger players in the league at 21, meaning that he is just getting started in his professional Call of Duty career. During the previous season, his breakout moment in the scene as part of the previous OpTic Gaming team alongside his now once again teammate Scump and many other talented players.

While many of the others left the organization and went to other teams like Scump going to Chicago Huntsmen alongside some of the former OpTic team’s integral parts, Dashy remained behind and became part of the new OpTic Gaming LA team for the inaugural season of the league.

Though this was exciting for fans of the previous OpTic, it didn’t turn out too well for Dashy, who would be one of the team’s stars. The team ended up being one of the worst teams for a good portion of the season, barely showing that it was better than rivals Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Dashy Will Join Former Teammate Scump

With the poor showing that OpTic had for most of the season, it took a while, but OpTic Gaming LA eventually made the hard decision to move Dashy to the bench for the rest of the season. That move proved great for OpTic and not so much for Dashy.

His one shining moment in the season was right at the end of the season in the playoffs, where he was subbed in after some insane technical issues with Kuavo. He could lend a helping hand to the team and show why he is one of the greats by helping them win a match that was going downhill quickly.

As such, it did look like Dashy would not have a starting season in 2021 unless he jumped ship to another organization. Like Scump and Hector before him, he has now made the switch to the Chicago Huntsmen. We fully expect him to be able to enjoy a starting position there in 2021.

He will likely do well in the next season and not just because he will be playing alongside Scump and the other great Huntsmen players. It is also likely since he will be playing a Black Ops title again when he previously made a name for himself during the Black Ops 4 season.

Arcitys and Prestinni Leave Ahead of Dashy Joining

The Call of Duty League organizers look forward to how he will do in the next season as he has the current award as the player to watch in the next season. And during the All-Star Weekend this past weekend, he did quite well for himself, beating some great players in the event.

He is currently tied with Crimsix and Seany of Dallas Empire and London Royal Ravens fame, respectively, for the most kills in a single Search and Destroy match. The hype is high for him to go even further in the 2021 season as part of the playoffs’ number three team.

But it does mean that his signing spells the end of Arcitys and Prestinni’s time with Chicago Huntsmen. The twin brothers finally got the chance to play together, and they both did quite well, but the changes to the league’s match format in 2021 meant that somebody had to go.

The switch back to the four on four match format for every season before the current one meant that every team in the league had to kick someone from the starting lineup. The choice was obviously made to be either Arcitys or Prestinni, and it seems that removing both brothers was better than only releasing one.

Neither Arcitys nor Prestinni have been signed into new teams just yet, but the former world champions should soon join a team. Stay tuned for more announcements in the days to come for the entire Call of Duty League.


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