Chicago Huntsmen Gunless Replaced By General

by in Call of Duty | May, 5th 2020

In a surprising twist of events, the top tier Call of Duty League team Chicago Huntsmen is making a massive change that we didn’t expect from the very popular team. Chicago Huntsmen Gunless is one of the starting players but is getting dropped from the starting lineup in favor of another player.

Gunless Is Being Replaced on Chicago Huntsmen

The move for Chicago Huntsmen Gunless is a surprising one, not just to the fans of the team but the player himself. Gunless revealed on a recent Twitch stream that he also just found out about this switch in the roster and it wasn’t reportedly done in a very professional way.

According to Gunless, he didn’t even know that he was getting benched and removed from the starting lineup until this week. In addition to that, no one said a word about the massive change to him directly. He was kept out of the loop about his replacement.

His teammates on the starting lineup reportedly kept quiet on the whole situation and didn’t share these details with the former starting player for Chicago Huntsmen. He didn’t find out until he heard about it from “literally other people,” presumably, who aren’t on his team.

This is a surprising move for Chicago Huntsmen as it is one of the best teams in the entire league and no one can deny that. It is currently sitting at second place on the official leaderboard, closely trailing behind the number one team of Dallas Empire.

Chicago Huntsmen Could Benefit From the Change

We, honestly, don’t consider Chicago to be the second-best team in the league as we would give that honor to Atlanta FaZe who has participated in one fewer event than the Huntsmen. Instead, we would say they are the third-best team, which is still quite amazing.

That said, the team does not necessarily need a drastic move like this to succeed this season. Perhaps the back-to-back losses at recent events spurred the coach, manager, and players to re-evaluate what can be done to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

After all, Chicago Huntsmen recently suffered a devastating loss to New York Subliners that it did recover from but not before getting defeated yet again in the same tournament — its tournament, no less — to Dallas Empire in a very upsetting and easy victory for the current number one team.

Needless to say, the Chicago Home Series Weekend event was not nearly as much of a lucrative event as it should have been for the top tier team. They did worse there than at pretty much any other event to date in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.

Gunless Will Be Replaced By General

That said, they still did much better than most teams, but that will only get you so far in a highly competitive league like this one. It is clear that the team’s organizers are wanting to reclaim the throne this season before it is too late, so this Chicago Huntsmen Gunless replacement happened.

Gunless will be formally replaced by the former substitute for the team, General. General is an impressive player in his own right, owning his esports organization Enigma6. His organization participated in previous events like the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019.

While they didn’t win it, they did get a respectable fourth place that is impressive on its own. Back in December of last year, General was signed to the Chicago Huntsmen as a substitute player. Unfortunately, he had to work hard for his chance in the starting lineup, which he was willing to do.

Now his hard work has paid off and he is getting his chance to shine as one of the five starting members of the Chicago Huntsmen for the foreseeable future. Despite the recent string of losses, the team remains a formidable foe and will rest until the Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend later this month.

Gunless and Other Benched Players Form Team Pine

Until then, General will have plenty of time to practice and get accustomed to his new starting teammates. Hopefully, this will pan out well for the team and give them the boost they need to get out of this rut that it has started to fall into recently before the other top teams quickly overtake them.

On the other side of things, the former Chicago Huntsmen starting player Gunless is going to be trying some new things of his own while he is on the bench for the team. Gunless is joining up with JKap, another player who was recently benched by OpTic Gaming LA just ahead of the upcoming Home Series Weekend.

The two of them will join other benched players like Enable, Saints, and Zer0 to form their scrimmage bench team. Calling it “Team Pine,” the new benched players team will be used to practice for matches and get better as they don’t have much else to do at this time.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for the benched players in the Call of Duty League to get some official competition in. They aren’t allowed to compete in other events like the Challengers for those who are aspiring to be in the league and so on.

Also, they are on the bench, which isn’t nearly as welcoming as those in other sports like the NBA where they might get called in, in the middle of a game. Instead, they have to wait until the roster changes or something requires them to replace one of the starting players temporarily.

As such, Team Pine is hoping to get in some practice time while they are benched and even called out Parasite, a Challengers team whose third most recently, for a match. According to Zer0, the Team Pine matches will be streamed live for fans to watch as they get their necessary practice in.


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