Chicago Huntsmen Adds U.S. Army to List of Partners

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 22nd 2020

The U.S. Army is no stranger to the Call of Duty League, as they feel like birds of a feather. Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but I can see the similarities. However, we learned this weekend that the Chicago Huntsmen (owned by NRG Esports) recruited the U.S. Army as their latest major partner! We don’t know the length of the partnership or the details, but we can only imagine it was worthwhile for both parties.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the U.S. Army making moves into esports. It is likely not to be the last at this rate. It’s a demographic the military surely wants to tap into – get those gamers into fatigues early and bolster their numbers.

Be All You Can Be in the Call of Duty League

I’m pretty sure that’s how the old U.S. Army slogan went. Sounds right! Initially, this one-year deal was going to be activated at “multiple levels” before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now all of those events are being played online, so that may have changed the strategies used for this partnership.

However, now the U.S. Army has a new segment, likely to feature the Chicago Huntsmen, called “Tactical Play.” During this event, the original plan was to have in-person coverage during local events for the Huntsmen.

It feels like the Chicago Huntsmen are one of the most popular teams in the Call of Duty League right now. They’re partnered not only with the U.S. Army, but Popeyes Chicken, Turtle Beach, Zippo, MTN DEW AMP GAMER FUEL and Metro (T-Mobile). That is a mighty list of popular sponsors if you ask us.

I can see a lot of potential in this partnership, though. They could discuss tactics and in-game action with the current and former ranking members of the Army. The Chicago Huntsmen could have the U.S. Army highlight their play and then soundly transition into trying to recruit people into the military.

That feels like the biggest move there, using the Call of Duty League to recruit people into the Army (or the military just in general). They’d be foolish, not at least to try.


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