Cheater Banned Mid-Tournament at Flashpoint Qualifiers

by in CS:GO | Apr, 22nd 2021

Peterpik- of RatPatrol was banned for being a cheater during the Flashpoint 3 Qualifiers. The unfortunate part about this is that a cheater during a major event like this is, that several players were defeated by a cheater. For context, there were 476 teams that signed up, and only two spots on the line, for the RMR (Regional Major Rankings) event. On top of that, RatPatrol had made it to the top eight, so quite a few teams fell before the VAC ban hit Peterpik-.

Been By Cheaters:

This is the absolute worst thing we can see in tournaments. A cheating player and/or team comes through, obliterates quite a few other teams, and wind up getting caught towards the end. Those other teams are out of luck because they were still defeated. RatPatrol were two games from getting to the Flashpoint 3 Closed Qualifier. 

Among the teams defeated by RatPatrol were Apeks, who had a player talk about the event on Twitter:

Lost to cheaters in the flashpoint qualifier and we can’t do anything about it.. At least one of them got banned but we’re still out, it’s a bit.. Just a bit f**ked up that it works like this. Everyone who played them should play for the spot? @Flashpoint

Dennis isn’t wrong, this is a horrible thing to happen. Sure, since Peterpik- was a cheater in the Flashpoint event, he was VAC banned. This means they can no longer compete in any Valve-sponsored events. Once a permanent ban, that rule was recently changed, making it a five-year ban. That player still threw their career away to try and get their team into the next major. 

Peterpik- was also banned on FACEIT for this offense, as that’s where the Flashpoint events take place. This Flashpoint event, which was a path towards Stockholm CSGO Major, has seen several teams have their chances ruined, thanks to RatPatrol. Whether or not his teammates knew, that remains to be seen. Flashpoint has not made a statement as of yet, but we feel for the teams that were eliminated thanks to a player cheater. 


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