Cheat Makers Turn R6 Siege Cheaters Into Bitcoin Slaves

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Jan, 20th 2021

Usually, when we talk about cheaters in online games, it’s with a note of disgust or anger. Today’s news made us laugh uproariously. R6 Siege is filled with cheaters like any other online game, but the cheat makers put a backdoor in that makes the cheat user farm Bitcoin against their will (and probably without their knowledge). I, for one, don’t feel sorry for the cheaters even a little bit. The actual why this happens is deplorable but undoubtedly funny. If it’s not you, that is. Buying cheats is one thing, but these were free.  

Well, free with a very tiny fine print. Here’s what went down.

R6 Siege Cheats For Free

This came to light courtesy of the Anti-Cheat Police Department. They’re a group beholden to no one, who seek out cheats and hacks and uncover them. You might be familiar with that name here. We spoke about them in the past, such as when Riot Games hired Mohamed Al-Sharifi (GamerDoc). 

Imagine this, though. You’re bad at R6 Siege, like many of us are, and want to cheat, but suddenly, your PC starts mining Bitcoin that isn’t even yours! The Anti-Cheat Police Department released a Tweet with a link to an image from the R6 Cheat makers Discord server. “A free Rainbow Six cheat, installed multiple backdoors into people’s PC to farm Bitcoins and probably do other nefarious things to their system, this has to be the funniest s**t I have ever read.”

We’re with you, ACPD. This made this writer laugh most of the morning. Here’s what happens. When you say “Hello” in this Discord server (The C69 Server), you receive a message from a Bot. It tells you that your PC will begin to throttle around 11 p.m. EST. Why? Because the cheat you installed also installed a variety of backdoors, the R6 Siege cheat also installed a Bitcoin miner. 

The cheaters admit that what they were doing isn’t exactly legal, but they need the money. Uninstalling the cheat does no good, thanks to all the backdoors. These run through your BIOS, so uninstalling or deleting the cheat does you no good. The message is incredibly garbled, but you can see it here

Within the garbled message, they say you can uninstall/reinstall System32 to remove it. But System32 is Windows. It’s all of Windows. If you uninstall it, you’ll essentially have to start from scratch and reinstall Windows. We do not under any circumstances recommend messing with System32 without experience. It’s not all negatives for the cheaters. If you DM the cheaters, you can tell them when you aren’t using your PC, and they’ll set the Bitcoin farm to only run during those times! Otherwise, at 11 p.m., your PC resources will go to the Bitcoin mining. They also point out that it won’t affect your gaming, and it doesn’t use your GPU to mine (so your graphics card won’t fry). 

This is a hilarious story. We don’t feel bad at all for the people affected. You’re trying to cheat in an online game and for free, no less. You shouldn’t cheat to start with, but this is the price you pay: You Bitcoin mine for other people! 

Cheating’s a big deal in R6, to begin with. With that in mind, we wonder how many people were deceived by this hack. It has to feel horrifying if you were caught up in this, but you shouldn’t have cheated in the first place. Play stupid games, become someone else’s Bitcoin farmer, I guess.


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