Chaos EC Officially Leave The CSGO Scene

by in CS:GO | Dec, 3rd 2020

Chaos EC, the esports org headed by Logic and Pusha-T has some unfortunate news today. As of yesterday, Chaos EC leave both the CSGO and Rainbow Six scene. This is not something we wanted to see, as CSGO is a really hype game, even a decade or more on. Chaos EC divulge the reasons as to why, and, to the surprise of no one, it’s all thanks to COVID-19. The global pandemic has harmed so many lives and businesses, but esports still seems to thrive. Chaos EC leaving CSGO behind is not one of those moments. So what is the reason?

Why Did Chaos EC Leave CSGO?

This is effective immediately, mind. We’ve heard that the Rainbow Six team is already looking for a new org to work under. The primary problem here is Chaos EC is an American organization with two European teams. Originally, the Chaos EC CSGO squad would leave after the IEM Global Challenge, but that does not seem to be the case anymore.

The ability to travel for esports in the early portions of the year really harmed Chaos EC’s growth. Since so many tournaments were canceled or put on hold, a lot of revenue was lost. Originally, the CSGO team was going to be dropped at the end of the year, but it seems to be a little more immediate. We do wonder what is left for Chaos EC though since they only had two teams, and both have been dropped. According to the blog, they aren’t done, but we have no idea what this could mean. We can only hope that they make a brilliant comeback in the near future or announce some fantastic new plans in esports or streaming.


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