Celebrate May the 4th With Return of Fortnite Star Wars Event

by in Fortnite | May, 4th 2020

Believe it or not, Epic Games and Disney are partnering up once again to celebrate a Disney-owned property. If you somehow didn’t already know it, Star Wars day is here today, Monday, May 4, and Fortnite is celebrating it hugely by bringing back the fan-favorite Fortnite Star Wars event.

Fortnite Star Wars Event Strikes Back

Though the event wasn’t nearly as content-heavy as previous Disney events like the Avengers crossovers, the Fortnite Star Wars does do a lot of good for the franchise based in a galaxy far, far away. With the return of this limited-time event, players can enjoy feeling like a Jedi (or Sith) in battle royale.

Perhaps the most important part of this limited-time crossover event is that players will now be able to find the Fortnite lightsaber weapons in the battle royale matches once again. These weapons will be usable in combat, shaking up the mostly ranged gameplay that is at the core of the game.

With the lightsabers, players will not only be able to feel like a space samurai, but you will be able to do some fancy moves and even block full-on bullets from opposing enemies who are unfortunate enough to come between you and the match victory.

But the Star Wars day celebration festivities don’t even end there with the return of the lightsabers in Fortnite. As the event originally had when it happened last year, players will have some awesome Star Wars officially licensed skins to purchase in the item shop.

Skins and More Also Return

This is great as special skins like these are sometimes only available once in the entire game with that being the only time that you were able to get them. If you happened to miss out on that event, you were sore out of luck. We’ve seen this before with stuff like Avengers and other crossovers.

But players have a second chance to get skins of some of the popular characters from the most recent trilogy of Star Wars films like the protagonist herself Rey to the lovable and tragic villain Kylo Ren. Pick up these skins while you still can as this event won’t last forever.

We don’t currently have an end date for the second wave of the Fortnite Star Wars event, but don’t expect it to last very long. It originally happened back in December 2019 to celebrate the release of the new movie, The Rise of Skywalker with themed skins and the introduction of lightsabers.

It was an exciting event at a not-so-exciting time for battle royale as the game was in the middle of what would go on to be the longest season in the history of Fortnite. That event, coupled with the Winterfest holiday event right around the same time, was more than enough to keep players occupied for a time.

How Long the Event Could Last

With the state of the world as it is now and so many people still spending most of their time at home, the return of the Fortnite Star Wars on May the 4th is an excellent move from both Epic Games and Disney. Here’s hoping that the event sticks around for a while, but we aren’t sure about that.

It could stay for up to two weeks as that is pretty standard for most crossover events or it could even stick around until the start of the third season of chapter two, but that is still around a month away. As such, we don’t think that last part is likely.

If we had to guess, the limited-time event will stick around for at least a week to ensure that players can get some V-Bucks and buy any skins that they missed the first time around. However, we aren’t sure if it will last much longer past that so get in there and enjoy it while you still can.

Star Wars day happens every year on May the 4th, in celebration of the decades-long franchise that has gone on to become one of the biggest entertainment properties in the entire world. This year is a stranger year for the series, though, with the future of the franchise unknown.

May the 4th Star Wars Announcements

That said, there are still exciting things happening like the announcement of a new movie, TV series, the conclusion of the long-running and beloved Clone Wars animated series, and the return of the lightsabers in Fortnite. Speaking of the weapons, there are four of them in total in battle royale.

You can find a green one, red one, blue one, and purple one. The green one, in particular, is the lightsaber that Luke famously wielded in Return of the Jedi to fight Darth Vader and the Emperor, while the red one is the crazy weapon of choice for the equally unsteady Kylo Ren.

Meanwhile, the blue lightsaber is the weapon of choice for Rey for a good portion of the new trilogy and the unique purple lightsaber is the classic one that Mace Windu wielded in the prequel trilogy. All four are available in the game, but you aren’t guaranteed which one you will find.

Or if you will find any of them at all. There are a couple of ways that you can go about looking for one of these lightsabers. Your best bet is to look in the legendary treasure chests that are blue. These are rare, though, and highly sought after, so you may have some competition in this case.

How to Find and Use a Lightsaber

If the Fortnite Star Wars event brings back the destroyed TIE fighter areas on the battle royale map, those are places that you should head to as they are likely to have one of these fabled weapons there. Beyond that, you are leaving it up to RNG, so be sure to do as many matches as you can.

Alternatively, you could do the Team Rumble mode if you are mainly interested in getting some lightsaber action for the next week without having to worry too much about other players and time. You have more time to look for one of these in the match plus you have fewer players to compete with for one.

And then when you do finally find one, you won’t have to give it up if you die in the match because you will just respawn and be able to swing away at the enemies until one of the teams reaches the required number of kills. We have some tips as well for when you do stumble upon a lightsaber.

You can swing it using the normal attack controls on your platform of choice and that will do the standard motions that you would expect. However, you can also use the aim button on your platform too, instead of looking closer, move your lightsaber to a blocking stance.

This will allow you to block enemy fire rather effectively and get close up enough to decimate them with your lightsaber. Make sure to enjoy the weapon in this crossover event while you can, though, as there is no telling right now when it will leave.


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