CDL Pros Without Power Saved by Ex-Pro Zoomaa

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 17th 2021

As you likely already know, much of Texas is currently without power, water, cell phone service, or any mix of them given the winter storm that is currently ongoing in much of the country. With all of this happening right now, one former CoD League player, Zoomaa, has taken in those without power in Texas.

Zoomaa Has Taken in Call of Duty League Players

It was revealed that the beloved and talented former CoD League player Zoomaa has been graciously taking in various current pro players into his own home in order to take care of those who are without power in Texas. In the midst of this, he has taken in several current players.

There are five players in total who have been taken in by Zoomaa that we know of thus far and they are all in the general Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. The current Minnesota Rokkr players, including some of his former teammates, Attach, Accuracy, and Priestahh are staying with him.

In addition, two Los Angeles Thieves players Slasher and TJHaLy have also been taken in by Zooma due to being without power in Texas. These five players are all crashing with him in his Dallas area apartment, as noted by the tweet that Rokkr player Attach posted about on Twitter recently.

At this time, it seems that Zoomaa is one of the blessed people in Texas who does have access to electricity, food, water, and even internet as seen by the fact that he has been streaming CoD recently on his Twitch account with some of his newfound and sudden roommates.

These Players Are Without Power in Texas Currently

It is awesome of the former Call of Duty League player to do that for some of his now former fellow competitors and teammates as the state of Texas is currently dealing with a massive fallout due to the ongoing winter storm. I, myself, am living in Texas currently with relatives due to the pandemic and have been affected as well.

For many residents in the state, the lack of infrastructure to handle this situation has led to widespread power outages and conservation attempts to keep the electrical grid intact. The storm has led to some residents permanently not having electricity for this week while others have it come and go due to the rotating blackouts.

And when the electricity is working like it is currently for this author at the time of writing this, the internet services are going in and out as well, in addition to the phone signals for many major phone carriers. For some areas as well, water is also running out, resulting in the understandable state emergency that is in place.

This is problematic for the Call of Duty League in many ways since many of the teams and players are currently based in Texas. There is, of course, the current reigning champion of the league since the end of the 2020 season, Dallas Empire, but others are there as well this season.

This Could Result in Changes to the Call of Duty League Schedule

Other CoD teams like LA Thieves, Minnesota Rokkr, and potentially many others are currently living in Texas since they are trying to be as close to one another as possible so that they are able to have the best connection as possible in the current remote season that we are having this year.

This is great for making sure that the competition is roughly pretty fair since many of the teams and players are close enough to one another but it definitely is unfortunate during this time in which many are going without power and internet due to the winter storm.

This means that we are likely to see some ramifications from this current emergency situation that could result in changes to the current schedule for the Call of Duty League. The new format this year follows a five stage, weekly format where teams compete every single week for points.

Last week was the first week of the Call of Duty League 2021 season with four days of matches and it is currently scheduled to happen again this week with four more days of matches starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 18 and going through the weekend.

Teams Are Likely Currently Without Normal Practice

However, if this storm and/or disastrous state of things continue this way in Texas, it is unlikely that the schedule for the league will remain the same this week. It is very likely that we would see some sort of change for the schedule and/or a delay in the second week of competitions.

But if the conditions do improve like some are hoping by Thursday or Friday, there is maybe a chance that the league will continue as normal but that is doubtful at this point. Even if it did continue, it would do so without many of the teams being able to practice and train this week.

This would mean that they would be without the ability to learn and improve from what happened during the first week of competitions. In the meantime, it is great that Zoomaa is ensuring that his fellow CoD competitors are good to go with daily life while these issues in Texas are addressed.

If things had gone differently, he himself would be competing this weekend with the New York Subliners. Up until almost the start of the current 2021 season, he was continuing as one of the starting players for the fan favorite team but he had to retire again from the competitive scene and has been doing a lot of streaming since.


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