CDL Pros Furious At Cheating in CoD Challenger Scene

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 7th 2020

Apparently, the amateur CoD CDL Challenger scene is rife with cheaters. From what the pros in the CDL are saying, the cheating is blatant, and the admin is doing little to nothing about it. Are we saying that there aren’t exceptional players in the Challengers? Of course not, there are amazing players everywhere. But players dropping 71 kills in a round and winning three rounds by themselves? Does CoD on PC even have anti-cheat? It doesn’t seem that way to us. 

Cheating in the CoD CDL Challengers Cup? It’s More Likely Than You’d Think

We aren’t suggesting there’s cheating at the pro level though. There’s bound to be some, but not cheating at the level of the amateur Challenger level for CoD’s CDL. Nobody has been proven a cheater yet, but some of this footage looks incredibly suspicious. But when players come out of nowhere, because they can suddenly play on a PC? It looks mighty suspect.

Breaking the Spirit of Challenger

The Challenger scene is supposed to be the pathway to the CDL. There’s also money and fame involved, but the real prize is a potential shot at being on a major CDL team. The integrity of the CoD Challenger series in the CDL is beyond repair it feels like. If they would only use a measure of anti-cheat in the game, this could at least slow down. But as long as players don’t have to fear being banned for cheating, they’re just going to keep doing it.

Sure, if they make it to the big leagues and cheat, their career is probably going to be ruined. Another thread on Twitter shows that PC players in the NA Challengers cup do not even have to stream. They can blatantly cheat, with no audience watching. This might be the worst thing we report on all week. The current Challengers Cup is ongoing, and there are more battles to come in January. If Activision doesn’t address this concern soon, cheating in the CoD Challenger series is only going to get worst. 


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