CDL Major 5 Brackets Determined After Seattle Home Series Results

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 26th 2021

The Call of Duty League is about to end its second iteration with the 2021 season, but before that, we have the upcoming Stage 5 Major tournament. With the event about to happen later this week, the CDL Major 5 brackets have now been revealed and it is looking to be a hot event. 

CDL Major 5 Brackets Revealed

The CDL Major 5 brackets include a double-elimination tournament where there are two brackets used. Like the four Majors that we have had until this point in the 2021 season, it will have half of the teams in the upper bracket and the other half in the bottom bracket. 

The top bracket is the winners bracket and includes the top three teams from each of the two groups held during Stage 5. They will have two lives essentially where even if they lose in the upper section of the tournament, they will not be eliminated and just be moved to the bottom bracket. 

On the other hand, the lower bracket is the elimination one, where teams there will be removed from the event if they lose a single match. Here, the bottom three teams from both of the groups in Stage 5 will have a grueling battle to get to the event’s grand finals. 

When it comes to the CDL Major 5 brackets, we will start with the winners bracket. The top three teams from Group A this time around included the sadly almost undefeated OpTic Chicago on fire in first, Atlanta FaZe in second, and the Los Angeles Thieves in third place. 

On the other hand, the heated Group B had Dallas Empire win their group in the end, Toronto Ultra coming in second, and Minnesota Rokkr coming in third. Those six teams make up the upper bracket of the event, with the winning teams of Chicago and Dallas having a one-round bye. 

The CDL Major 5 brackets then continue with the lower bracket where the other six teams are found. Paris Legion, Seattle Surge, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and New York Subliners are the bottom four teams that will compete in the first round of the elimination bracket. 

Meanwhile, the London Royal Ravens and Florida Mutineers are the best of the teams in the bottom bracket and will have a one-round bye, but still have to deal with the harsh circumstances there. The CDL Major 5 brackets will kick into gear with the first set of matches, beginning on Thursday, July 29, and running until an overall winner is determined on Sunday, August 1. 

Current League Standings

The CDL Major 5 brackets were determined by the Seattle Surge Home Series event results that just concluded this past weekend. With the conclusion of that event, not only have the Major brackets been decided, but the standings in the overall league itself have changed. 

There are a few places where the overall Call of Duty League leaderboard has changed, resulting in some different teams. You can find the full list of the current league standings as of the end of the group portion of Stage 5 below, listed from first-place to last-place:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 505 points
  • Dallas Empire: 360 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 355
  • New York Subliners: 320
  • OpTic Chicago: 310
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 230
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 210
  • Florida Mutineers: 200
  • London Royal Ravens: 100
  • Paris Legion: 100
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 100
  • Seattle Surge: 90

As you can see, we already know a lot set in stone when it comes to the 2021 playoffs, like the fact that Atlanta will take the number one seed and have a one-round bye at the tournament no matter what. We also know that the bottom four teams will not have a chance to make the event. 

However, there is still a lot up in the air, like who will take the second-place spot and have the other one-round bye, and who the two teams will be that will start in the bottom bracket of the event. There is so much that is still unknown about the upcoming playoffs that will be determined by the CDL Major 5 brackets results this week. 

To help with determining how the event will likely shake out in the end, it is important to look back at the results of the recent Seattle Surge Home Series. This was the final Home Series event of the 2021 season and the conclusion of the group stage for the entire regular season. 

All that is left is the Major and playoffs after that, and the season is then going to be done. As such, the Seattle Surge Home Series results may clue us in to how the upcoming final two tournaments may shake out with some teams doing amazing while others are faltering considerably. 

Seattle Surge Home Series Results: Day 1

The Seattle Surge Home Series ran for four days in total, beginning on Thursday with only two matches played. The first two matches of the week were decent ones, kicking off with the Paris Legion going up against the New York Subliners. 

Paris has been a solid team; the second-best of the bottom four rosters, and had a decent run in Stage 5, defeating the newly founded LA Thieves team. At the same time, we had the Subliners that needed to prove themselves with the temporary loss of Clayster and the return of Diamondcon. It was a hype match with close results, but the Subliners got the much-needed win in the end. 

Next up, we had the London Royal Ravens taking on the OpTic Chicago. Of the bottom four teams in the league currently, I would say that London is certainly the best of the bunch, which was cemented this past week. It is unfortunate that players like Afro are doing so well and have so much potential; I’m hopeful that he can find a better roster next year. 

The Royal Ravens could do little to stop the overwhelming force that is OpTic Chicago currently. I would argue that this current state of the Chicago team is the best that it has ever been in since the Call of Duty League. Though each round was pretty close, Chicago narrowly won each, in the end, to get a three to nothing victory. 

Day 2 Results

The second day took off with two more matches for fans to check out, starting with the Florida Mutineers going up against the Toronto Ultra. This was overall a bit more interesting than the match that would follow on the same day, as it was an important match for the group’s future. 

Florida put up a decent fight in some of the wildest S&D and Hardpoints we have ever seen, but Toronto won in the end, unsurprisingly three rounds to one to end the day. While the Mutineers looked like they had a chance, Toronto tore that down in the second Hardpoint, where they dominated the map to win the match. 

The second match of this day was Dallas Empire taking on the Seattle Surge, who were the hosts of the final Home Series this season. Dallas is in a great place right now, much like Chicago, and had little resistance in this match, ending up with a solid three-to-nothing sweep in the end. 

With these two group B matches, it put the second group in a fascinating place as the upcoming final match of the regular group stage became even more anticipated. Toronto and Dallas are now running their groups with some solid performance. 

Day 3 Results

The third day was where the fun began as arguably the best day out of the entire Seattle Surge Home Series event. All three matches were fun and surprising in their ways, be it how close they were or how not close they were in the case of one particular match. 

Starting off the day was London versus Paris in the eternal rivalry. While neither team have much to win at this time, outside of some arbitrary points and the possibility of solid cash at the Major, they still had something to prove when it comes to the next season. 

That is why they both gave it their all in an exciting match that ultimately proved that London is the better team and the rightful ninth-placed team in the league. Both had some solid performance, hoping that players like Afro, Alexx, and Zaptius will get some better teams next year. 

The second match was quite the surprising one, with the Minnesota Rokkr taking on the Florida Mutineers for a spot in the winners bracket for the Stage 5 Major and a better chance of winners bracket in the playoffs, too. I expected this to be a close match, but one would have Rokkr win in the end. 

In the end, I was right that Rokkr would take the W, but the surprising part was how one-sided this match was. There were moments where Florida showed some resistance, but this was Minnesota in a powerful and very crucial three-to-nothing victory against a team that not even Toronto could sweep in the same week. 

And the day ended with easily the best match of the entire week and one of the best in the entire season: the LA Thieves taking on the OpTic Chicago. I expected this to be a fun match, but I imagine that most people had the win going to the unbelievable Chicago team. 

It was a shocker of a match, too, because it started in such a bizarre way with Chicago blowing the Thieves out in some of the most one-sided Hardpoint and Search & Destroy matches we’ve seen. There was no contest at all. 

But then came Control, where the Thieves came out with a solid three-to-one victory to stay in the match, and then a solid win in Hardpoint, too. And then suddenly we had a tied up match where the Thieves came out of nowhere and won a fairly dominated S&D round to win this shocker of a match and prove that they are a team that you should not count out just yet as we saw the relatively new roster grow and learn in the middle of the match. 

Day 4 Results

The final day ended with some rather unexciting matches, beginning with the Seattle Surge and LA Guerrillas. Though the standings would say otherwise, I do not consider the Surge to be the worst team in the league. It was proven here in their uncontested three-to-nothing victory over the Guerrillas. 

The second match similarly played out, with the FaZe taking on the Subliners. While I am happy that the Subliners still have some life in them, I did not expect much here given their current position, which is unfortunate as they used to be one of only two teams that I would consider FaZe killers. 

Atlanta was able to easily command this match and win it three to nothing for another quick finish. The day concluded with the most exciting match of the week: Toronto Ultra versus Dallas Empire for the fate of the second group and the standings.

There was so much at stake and both teams knew that giving their all but one team proved to be on a higher level. Dallas is a team that has struggled but comes through when it matters. However, it was close at times. The final Hardpoint is a map worth watching for the insane conclusion. Dallas won, in the end, three to one. 

Had Toronto made the full comeback in the Hardpoint on Garrison, we would have likely had a different result as I fully expect Ultra would have won in the fifth round. But that did not come to pass. The Empire is now looking as good as it did in the playoffs last year. They have now taken the second-place spot for now and the top spot in the Major 5 tournament. 


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