CDL Champs 2021 Teams Are Now Set in Stone

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 20th 2021

The Call of Duty League is in the midst of the fifth and final stage of the current 2021 season, and the end is currently in sight. With the playoffs about a month away, we now know the CDL Champs 2021 teams participating in the event. 

CDL Champs 2021 Teams Decided

This was not necessarily something that the Call of Duty League itself has formally announced. Still, the broadcasters mentioned it during the recent Minnesota Rokkr Home Series event and something that we have been able to confirm through the current status of the league. 

Because of the number of points currently available in the league at this time in the final week of the group stage and the fifth and final Major tournament, there are not enough points for the current ninth-place team to make it to the league playoffs event next month. 

As such, the CDL Champs 2021 teams are now set in stone. They will not change, basically, no matter what happens in the coming weeks leading up to the playoffs. This is great for the community and the fans as we get to know who will be there and prepare to cheer for our favorite teams and players. 

But this also sucks for the teams guaranteed not to be in the upcoming playoffs tournament. It is heartbreaking to know that these teams cannot do anything to change the outcome. They can decimate every team in their path, win the Major, and so on, and it would not make a difference at this point. 

Which Teams Are Playing in the Playoffs

As you may know, there are only eight of the 12 Call of Duty League teams that are going to be competing in the upcoming playoffs this year, rather than how it was last year where everyone could be there. This means that the bottom four teams will not be in attendance at all. 

Here are the current league standings at the time of writing this after the conclusion of the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 495 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 345
  • Dallas Empire: 340
  • New York Subliners: 310
  • OpTic Chicago: 300
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 220
  • Florida Mutineers: 200
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 200
  • Paris Legion: 100
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 100
  • London Royal Ravens: 90
  • Seattle Surge: 80

As you can see from the current standings, the four teams eliminated from the playoffs are Paris Legion, Los Angeles Guerrillas, London Royal Ravens, and Seattle Surge. None of these teams are surprised to be not in the playoffs due to their performance this season, but it is still unfortunate. 

The Fight Begins for the Winners Bracket

On the other hand, this is great news for the CDL Champs 2021 teams that have been confirmed for playoffs. Or, well, mainly the two or three teams that have been teetering on edge for a while now, including Minnesota Rokkr, Florida Mutineers, and LA Thieves. 

What makes this whole situation intense for those three teams, though, is that they now have to compete against one another for the right to be the number six team in the standings. This is the new goal for those three teams since the number six spot will guarantee a place in the winners bracket. 

How the CDL Champs 2021 teams’ placements will work is that the first and second teams in the standings will be in a round bye to not have to compete in the first round of the tournament. Then the third through sixth-placed teams will compete in the first round of the winners bracket.

However, the seventh and eighth-placed teams will compete in the first round of the elimination bracket against one another. They have no safety net as a single loss in the entire tournament means the end of the road for their run at the playoffs. 

At the same time, teams that are in the winners bracket will have an extra life, so to speak, where if they lose there, they can still keep going but in the elimination bracket now. That is why it will be so important for Minnesota, Florida, and the Thieves to reach that number six seed to have a much better chance of winning the championship. 

There Is Also a Fight for Second Place

Then there is also the fight for the second-place team for the normal part of the 2021 season. At the same time that the CDL Champs 2021 teams were confirmed, with the Florida Mutineers defeating the Los Angeles Guerrillas this past week, Atlanta FaZe was confirmed to be the number one team. 

No one will catch up to Atlanta and win the number one spot, but that still leaves the second-place position for the winners bracket. It will be close, too, especially between Toronto Ultra and Dallas Empire, not to mention OpTic Chicago potentially and the New York Subliners (if they can make a comeback). 

There is only one more week of matches left with the Seattle Surge Home Series coming up, and then it is time for the Stage 5 Major. Most teams only have one or two matches left in the stage before the Major, so everyone will need to make a huge splash at the Major if they wish to rise through the ranks. 

We should see the most intense and unexpected set of Call of Duty League results in this final part of the season. Be sure to stay tuned here for the full results of everything as we near the Champs next month. 


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