CDL Challengers Team Forced to Play Against a Team Banned for Cheating

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 14th 2020

Occasionally, we post esports news where we can easily sympathize with both sides involved. Sometimes, unfortunate, unforeseen things happen. Sometimes, cheaters show up in esports, especially in Call of Duty. However, this is something this writer has never seen before. In the CDL Challengers series, a team had to play against a squad of cheaters that had in reality been banned 10 minutes prior. We can’t even believe this is a story that happened in reality.

An ‘Onion’ Article, Only In Real Life

Just last week, we talked about CoD pros are furious at cheating in the CDL scene. We didn’t think that in the very next week, we’d have a story of a team banned but still getting the right to compete against a team playing by the rules. During the Challengers Cup, Hope Esports had to play against a team that had only 10 minutes ago had been banned for cheating. 

Chris Abbot of Hope Esports said on Twitter that he refused to play back to back cheaters, and in a pair of posts, highlights the conversation with the Gamebattles tournament admin in question. The team Hope Esports were going to play had been caught cheating and were banned, so of course, Hope Esports thought they’d get a buy/free points to move on. 

The admin said this in the conversation: “So, we have been informed that they can finish this tournament, but he will be banned from the site after this. So you’re good to go.”

Wait, good to go? So, the other team has one or more cheaters on it, but the CDL Challengers Cup will go on as scheduled? That doesn’t sound “Good to go” by a mile. Thankfully, Hope Esports won both matches, but that’s not the point. This shouldn’t be a thing that a team should have to be worried about in esports. If this whole situation sounds like something you’d read about on The Onion or Hard Drive, we don’t blame you! FaZe Alec (Arcitys) put it best: “So he’s banned but can finish the tourney LMAOOOO”

Reportedly, the two teams in question were letstrythisagain and FF. FF is the team that was banned for cheating but was still allowed to continue in the tournament. What would have happened if the banned team had won? The CDL Challengers Series is an utter sham if events like this are allowed to happen with zero repercussions. Sure, the team was banned, but they still got to try and remove a team from the tournament!

This isn’t even the first instance of cheating in the CDL this month! There’s a video of people cheating during the Challengers Cup event, for example. In the article highlighted at the top of this article, we discussed that it’s just a shame. If this doesn’t open up a discussion for Call of Duty’s PC edition to use an anti-cheat system, we don’t think anything will.

Activision claims to be working on an anti-cheat system, but if this says anything, we’re not going to hold our breath. Remarkably, Activision lets esports continue, knowing people are cheating and doing nothing about it. The developers and tournament runners desperately need to do better than they are right now. People are openly cheating, and when caught, things like this happen. What can be done to restore the CDL Challengers Series’ reputation after cheaters get to keep playing? 

That’s an excellent question.


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