CDL 2022 Challengers Cup 1 Pushed Back Due to Vanguard Season 1 Delay

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 1st 2021

The Call of Duty League is still getting ready for the upcoming 2022 season that is likely to kick off in January or February next year. Still, the competitions will start a little earlier for Challengers players. The semi-pro and amateur division will have its CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 event soon, but not before a little delay. 

CDL Challengers Cup 1 Delay Announced

The Call of Duty League Twitter account announced the CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 this week, noting that it will not be happening when we previously thought it would be. Instead, it is being pushed back just a little bit to make up for a completely separate issue that occurred recently. 

The new dates for the CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 will be December 11-12, 2021, about a week later than it was originally going to be, which just so happened to be this upcoming weekend. But, instead of hosting it this weekend, it will be delayed until the following one.

This CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 delay will be the same for all regions in the division, so everyone will want to check the local times for the tournament in their respective area beforehand. However, it will still happen on the same weekend for all eligible regions, no matter what. 

With this announcement, it might make some players and teams wonder if they would need to re-register for the new dates, but, thankfully, you will not have to. All registered entrants will automatically be updated and entered into the new dates for the first Challengers tournament. 

Players Can Still Sign Up for the Event

That is great news since it guarantees that the previously registered players will still keep their spots in the tournament. However, it does not clear up the situation regarding the deadline for the sign-ups. Sign-ups were originally going to end this weekend just before the start of the event. 

However, with the event being pushed back a week, does this also mean that sign-ups will also be available for another week for those interested in competing? That is currently unknown, but, regardless, the sign-ups are still available at the time of writing. 

As such, this is still a great opportunity for teams to sign up for the event and compete. Of course, this is if the available slots have not already been filled in your particular region. In total, 1024 teams in almost every region can compete in the first tournament, so there is a chance that there might still be room. 

The community is wondering why the CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 delay was announced. Unfortunately, no announcement was made regarding the reason. Many factors play into this, not least of which is that Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 has been delayed.

Vanguard Season 1 Delay Likely the Culprit

The first season connecting the recently released Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is exciting, but it is being pushed back from releasing this week to next week instead. This one week of delay is likely because Activision Blizzard has been in major trouble lately. 

With the nearly daily news regarding past poor conditions, harassment, and other awful reports from current and former employees at Activision, workers have previously gone on strike and the entire studio took at least the week of Thanksgiving off. 

The unexpected time off for the developers has led to work not being done as it was originally expected to, leading to the likely necessary Season 1 delay. Season 1 was timed just before the CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022 event and the two likely go hand-in-hand. 

After all, at the time of writing this, we only know two of the three competitive game modes that will be featured in Vanguard Ranked Play and the upcoming Call of Duty League 2022 season. The third game mode is unknown and likely one that is not in the game just yet. 

What Will Be the Third Competitive Mode?

As such, it is expected that the first season of Vanguard will launch with a new game mode that will be that third competitive mode, especially given that it is coming out just before the first event. Because of this, it is only natural that the Challengers Cup #1 would be delayed. 

This will ensure that we could see a new game mode launch used in the event and possible changes for the major issues that players have been requesting for some time, as the silent bomb plant and defuse in Search & Destroy and more. 

As for what that third game mode is that will be joining the already announced Search & Destroy and Hardpoint game modes, that is still unannounced at this time. A few possible candidates, like Domination or Patrol, for instance, are already in the game. 

However, I think they are not the third game mode or else that would have already been announced. This clarifies that it is a currently unavailable mode, which brings us to the two main possibilities: Control and Capture the Flag.

Both are strong candidates. We could see it go either way. No matter which is chosen, players will compete in the Challengers division before the CDL Challengers Cup 1 2022. On December 6, the ladders will begin in the division. Players will be able to start earning points ahead of the first tournament just a few days later. 


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