Caster And Former Pro Caedrel Joins DRX as an LCK Co-Streamer

by in Entertainment | Jun, 15th 2021

Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont, former pro jungler and current LEC analyst/caster has joined DRX as an official LCK co-streamer! This, in short, came out of nowhere, but it does make a whole lot of sense given his surging popularity on Twitch! Do note that Caedrel won’t be streaming LCK in general — he’ll only do so whenever DRX are scheduled to compete. So, if you’re a fan of this age-old Korean organization (and are partial to Caedrel’s casting) then you’re in for quite a treat!

DRX’s newest co-streamer, Caedrel

These streams will shed new light on the many intricate decisions that happen throughout a professional game of League of Legends, and will be the perfect kind of supplementary content for the many DRX fans scattered across the globe. Unfortunately, DRX didn’t have the kind of start they were hoping for — they lost to both Gen.G (1-2) and Afreeca Freecs (0-2) in the opening week of the 2021 LCK Summer split.

They’re scheduled to face Nongshim RedForce and DWG KIA next which, in all fairness, isn’t exactly a step down in competition. Whether Caedrel will end up being their lucky charm still remains to be seen, but you should definitely temper your expectations going forward.

A New Fan Favorite

Caedrel has quickly risen to prominence thanks to his natural charisma and impressive game knowledge. And, well, he’s just an all-around wholesome human being. He’s fun to listen to and brings a certain kind of depth to the analyst desk — the kind we’ve been missing ever since Martin “Deficio” Lynge decided to part ways with the LEC and start a new chapter of his career with Misfits Gaming.

His EXCEL Esports stint wasn’t particularly successful (we’re putting it mildly here), but he’s definitely been shining bright ever since he was made a full-time addition to the LEC on-air talent team. And, frankly, we can’t wait to see what his future holds!


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