Casemiro Feels More Pressure in CSGO Than in Football

by in CS:GO | Feb, 23rd 2021

Casemiro’s been a mainstay with the Real Madrid football team since 2013. One of the most popular footballers in the world, he’s also big on gaming, and even has his own esports team. While he’s incredibly skilled at both CSGO and football, Casemiro feels more nerves and stress when playing CSGO! Why would that be though? The global star opened up about that recently. How could playing in front of a livestream be more stressful than a packed 80,000 person stadium? Well, we can see it, to be honest.

More Nerves in CSGO Than At Bernabeu

In a recent interview, Casemiro spoke about this selfsame thing. Casemiro has incredible CSGO skills, as well as unreal football skills. A man of many talents, he opened up about how he felt about why one stresses him more than the other:

“Without a doubt, people are much closer and when I fail, there are some insults. When I play Counter-Strike I get a lot more nervous there than playing at the Bernabéu. I feel more pressure with people watching me play video games live than football.”

Spoiler warning: This interview is for a Spanish Youtube channel. To be honest, it makes perfect sense. When you’re live on Twitch, it’s very easy to see the worst of people. When you mess up, there is always going to be someone who calls you out on it, or asks why you aren’t doing this or that. But in front of 80,000 people? You can’t pick out individual jeers or cheers. It’s a wall of noise. Sure, if everyone is booing you you can hear it, but someone like Casemiro probably doesn’t have to worry about that.

Casemiro also pointed out that he prefers to play CSGO like he plays football. Instead of just running things down all the time, he plays like a midfielder, like in real life:

“I’m one of those that if I go in to play, I don’t like to lose. I’ve tried to play like a striker or winger [in CSGO] and my score has been very low. I know that my position is defensive midfielder and I have to help my teammates. What I am in real life, I also am in video games.”

Casemiro might not be the best CSGO player in the world, but he runs a CSGO org, has incredible, noteworthy skills, but it’s still very stressful to be playing in front of people who analyze your every move and openly judge you. It’s really interesting for Casemiro to open up about this though. Not everyone’s willing to admit to something like that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, that’s for sure! If nothing else, Casemiro’s got a real talent for the game, and knowing what causes you stress is never a bad thing.


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