Carzzy Reportedly Extends Contract with MAD Lions For Another Two Years

by in League of Legends | Sep, 22nd 2021

Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság — one of the best AD carries in Europe and a two-time LEC champion — has decided to extend his contract with MAD Lions for another two years, as per Esportsmaniacos. In fact, there’s even a one-year extension on the table, which means this talented young marksman could remain with MAD through 2024. Now that’s commitment! And, well, there’s no reason for Carzzy to test free agency seeing how he’s currently peaking alongside his equally talented teammates at MAD Lions. Winning the LEC back-to-back is a feat reserved for the very best players Europe has to offer, and Carzzy has just become a member of that oh-so-exclusive club. His decision to commit for another few years makes all the sense in the world. MAD Lions might not be the most premier organization in Europe, but its methods are obviously bearing fruit. Signing for another organization might yield more financial gain, but it’d be a wholly ludicrous decision career-wise.

2021 Worlds | All Eyes on MAD

Everyone’s dying to see just how well MAD Lions will perform at the upcoming World Championship in Reykjavik, Iceland. This talented young group had exceeded all expectations at the Mid-Season Invitational, and if they play as well as they did back in May, they could very well end up upsetting the status quo. 

They’re fearless and have bravado for days (almost to a fault). That, in short, is the perfect combination that’s necessary for taking on the many LPL and LCK giants, all of which are scheduled to compete on the biggest of stages come October. The odds are obviously stacked against MAD, but it wouldn’t be the first time and, well, they really couldn’t care less. They have a bit of that G2 madness in them, and if they harness it correctly they could definitely go places!

Either way, their quest for greatness begins on October 5, so definitely make sure to tune in!


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