Captain Price Teased as the Star of Modern Warfare Season 4

by in Call of Duty | May, 21st 2020

Activision and Infinity Ward are already gearing up and getting ready for the next season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Though we still have a couple of weeks or so until the end of the current third season, Modern Warfare Season 4 is getting teased along with Captain Price.

New Call of Duty Video Teases Captain Price

The new tease for the upcoming fourth season comes from a new Call of Duty video posted to the official YouTube channel for the first-person shooter military franchise. The suspicious video is a clip that was posted today, Thursday, May 21 in a rather secretive way.

It was released as an attachment to an email that was promoting the game, and has since been discovered and is being shared throughout the Modern Warfare community. The title of the video gives nothing immediately away as it is known simply as a secure comms video.

But what is interesting about the clip is that it certainly points to the release of Captain Price in Modern Warfare Season 4. In the “video”, if you can even call it such a thing, there is no gameplay, cinematic, or anything at all that is shown in the very short teaser clip.

Instead, it is mostly audio that is relaying some communications back between a couple of characters. The characters in question seem to be some members of the Al Qatala terrorist organization that is at the heart of the conflict in the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot.

What the Video Clip Includes

What is striking about the terrorists is their conversation that revolves around the fact that Captain Price is arriving soon and is likely to be a threat to them. This is intriguing as it points to the fan favorite character becoming one of the many operators that players can play as in Modern Warfare.

There are additional characters in the voice clip as well, including others like Nikolai, that further support this theory that the release of Modern Warfare Season 4 will have Captain Price as the main star of the new season. This would be especially great, as Price is one of the most popular, if not the, most popular characters in the entire Modern Warfare series.

The long-running protagonist and hero of the Modern Warfare franchise is integral to the game, but has been unavailable for play in the online multiplayer section of the 2019 reboot up until this point. This is rather odd, especially when you take a look at who has been available thus far.

Modern Warfare has been great about making a single operator character be the star of each new season in the game. So far, there have been three seasons and three characters that have been central to that particular battle pass and progression system.

Past Battle Pass Season Operators

In the case of season one, the first character to be the operator star was Mara. This was followed by Ghost in Season 2, which paid homage to another fan favorite, and lastly, this season introduced Alex Mason as the third central character of the game.

What is interesting about Alex (some major spoilers ahead for the main story campaign) is that he is one of the main characters in the singleplayer campaign for Modern Warfare. What is odd about the character is that his role was much different from Price, so it seems weird to have him before the Captain.

But that could all change soon when Modern Warfare Season 4 drops for players. As we are just a couple of weeks away from the launch of the new season, it makes sense to start teasing it slowly, a little bit at a time, and this is great news if this tease is telling us what we think it is.

Players love Price and were happy to see him return in the reboot of the series last year. Unfortunately, you can’t play as him, though, in multiplayer, so Season 4 is already shaping up to be something that fans will enjoy.

When to Expect the Release of Season 4

This likely means that Price will drop in the season and give us something that is more closely tied into the Modern Warfare series as a whole. So, the theme of the upcoming season could be more about the series as a whole and we could see even more older maps return.

With the release of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered earlier this year, we could see even more maps drop from that game since it only remastered the singleplayer campaign and not the multiplayer component of it.

But we also got a Modern Warfare 3 map just recently this season with the release of Hardhat, so it is also possible that we could get more maps from that third entry in the series as well. For now, though, we will just have to wait and see as Activision nor Infinity Ward have confirmed what is to come just yet for Season 4 or if Price will even be part of it.

That said, if Price does end up being the star of this next season and the operator that you can get then, there is likely only one way that you will be able to unlock him for use in multiplayer matches as well as the battle royale-centric Warzone game.

If other seasons’ operators are anything to go by, Price will likely be unlocked in the same way as the other characters where all you will have to do is purchase the paid version of the Season 4 battle pass when it releases alongside the new season on most likely June 2. Then, you will automatically unlock Price, or whoever the character ends up being, without having to progress through the tiers or anything like that.


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