Capcom May Have Postponed a New Mega Man Announcement

by in General | Jun, 1st 2021

Posted on the official blog by Capcom, known as “Rockman Unity,” players celebrated the series 20th anniversary, with Capcom releasing new Battle Network Announcements, Including a reissue of the Battle Network manga, a “Treasure Box” themed after Battle Network, as well as Mega Man’s inclusion in Mega Man X DiVE for mobile devices. While many players were expecting possible news about a new entry in Battle Network, nothing came of it. Capcom prepared for this with a statement from Takekuni Uchida.

“If the world hadn’t been in such a state, I might have had other plans to announce. But for now, I think it’s time to be patient. Of course, washing hands, gargling, and social distancing are important, too. It’s always Rockman who beats the virus after all!”

A 15 Year Wait

Mega Man Battle Network is a hugely popular sub-series about the blue bomber, and fans have been waiting 15 years for the next entry into the series. Known as “Rockman.EXE” in Japan, Mega Man Battle Network, otherwise known as “Battle Network” for short, sees Mega Man as a computer program that fights computerized versions of the robot masters in turn-based action RPG battles. Originally released on the Gameboy Advance 20 years ago, Battle Network found a cult success in the states, with the second entry also receiving praise. However, Battle Network has not gotten another entry in the series for 15 years.

Many game companies were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems like Capcom was also part of that. However, Mega Man has been getting more attention recently, with the release of Mega Man 11 and the Legacy collection, which put Mega Man X’s series of games onto new consoles. With Capcom showing more love to the blue bomber, it may seem more likely now that players will see another Battle Network game soon.


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