Capcom, Konami, and Sega Join Global Esports Federation

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 12th 2020

The Global Esports Federation has announced that is has added the likes of Sega, Konami, and Capcom to their list of associated developers. These three represent the first three developers to join up with the Federation, which should give them some credibility and hopefully attract more developers to join up with them. 

The GEF Grabs Their First Three Developers

The Global Esports Federation previous to this only had the involvement of (weirdly) a few sports associations, such as Archery and Surfing, in their portfolio. This, despite them having nothing to do with esports. Now with these additions, they can at the very least say that they have associations that have some form of esports programs, especially Capcom, who highlights their portfolio thanks to the Capcom Pro Tour. 

 “Nine months ago, the Global Esports Federation was established with a collective ambition to convene the world’s esports community,” Chris Chan, President of the Gloabl Esports Federation. “Our mission is to bring together the diverse stakeholders on one, global, inclusive platform. As we have grown, we have continued to listen and adapt. We acknowledge the fundamental importance of the world’s publishers and developers, and welcome Capcom, Konami and Sega as members of the GEF and the PDAC. We look forward to continuing the GEF’s initiatives for the development of esports and setting the path for an even brighter future, together.”

Sega, on the other hand, has not had a large esports presence at all. Recently, they announced that Virtua Fighter was being resurrected with esports in mind, and they currently publish Puyo Puyo Esports, but that’s the extent of their involvement right now. Konami develops Pro Evolution Soccer, which continues to be a large esport in Japan and Europe though it has shrunk in the latter since FIFA has mostly dominated its market share. 

“Esports is exciting, infinitely promising and rapidly growing – the potential for growth is immense,” Hideki Okamura, Chairman at Sega Group Corporation. “Sega shares the same collective vision with the Global Esports Federation, to harness the benefits of technology for good, and to explore new opportunities particularly where sport meets esports; elevating the future of esports, bringing the global community together.”

The Problem With Global Esports Associations in General

The issue with Global Esports Associations, in general, is that there are several of them. When a new organization kicks off without developer support, it’s very hard for both the general public and developers to take them seriously, usually because of the lack of credibility and a sense of outsiders coming in trying to cash in on esports. It lacks the authenticity that esports fans crave, and developers know that.

For the GEF to attract big name developers, even if they aren’t the biggest in esports as in Konami’s and Sega’s case, it may help to give them at least some credence with the audience and with other developers. Add in that they’re trying to attract pro players to join the cause as well, as in the case of Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, and it’s clear that they want to become one of the leading voice in the industry. 

The other issue is that it’s not exactly clear what these associations do, aside from work to advance esports generally speaking. 

The GEF isn’t exactly clear about its mission statement – here’s an excerpt from their website:

“Our organisation seeks to establish the credibility, legitimacy and prestige for esports,” the GEF said on their website. “ We are building an inclusive platform to bring together all the stakeholders from the esports industry to help shape the GEF mission and maximize the potential for esports and its participants.  We believe that the future of Esports will continue to be bright. We seek to support this potential by cultivating the knowledge, experiences and history of the industry combined with respecting the traditions and values of sport and the principles of utilizing technology for good.”

The website also mentions that they are going to eventually be hosting the Global Esports Games, but does not specify what this will look like. Several Olympics of Esports have been attempted in the past, such as the World Cyber Games and WESG, but they have largely been either lackluster or have gone defunct, especially in the present day. 


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