Canceled Black Ops 4 Campaign Footage Reportedly Leaks

by in Call of Duty | May, 26th 2020

Many players have long lamented the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was the first mainline game in the series to not have a campaign of some kind for players to check out. This was an unfortunate move for the game, but it is not all lost as we seemingly have Black Ops 4 campaign footage now.

Black Ops 4 Story Mode Video Leaks

The Black Ops 4 campaign footage is reportedly of the canceled story mode that would have been part of the 2018 Call of Duty game before being removed due to issues. The reported leak comes from a Reddit user who recently revealed clips of the campaign randomly on the site.

Reddit user ForeverDexus posted the leaked Black Ops 4 campaign with no context at all for what we are seeing or why it was randomly chosen to be revealed now of all times. So, our only glimpse into what could have been for the game is based on the two-minute clip they showed off.

At the time of writing this, the post hasn’t been taken down on Reddit so you are still able to go on the Reddit post and see it for yourself while it is still up. But there is no telling if Activision will remove it from the site as this footage is leaked and appears to be legit from what we can tell.

The clip begins with the player in a town that is on fire and being attacked as you are given the simple objective to “find the Aquilus CEO,” which is likely the mission that you are on in this particular section of the story. The clip is rather interesting as it goes throughout various environments and areas.

Story Mode Feels Similar to Multiplayer

After glimpsing at it a couple of times, the two minutes of footage that is shown seems to be stringing together the entire mission with this being just one part of the entire campaign. Why this could be a montage of parts from a single mission is due to a couple of different reasons.

For one, there is the fact that the player has the same portrait in the bottom left corner of the screen for the entirety of the video. This could just be a placeholder or it could indicate that you are playing as the same character for all of the leaked footage that was shown.

What is notable about this is the fact that we believe that you could have seen a campaign where you have had the backstory better fleshed out for the specialists, something that was only briefly touched upon in the main Black Ops 4 game with its tutorials and the like.

This is noteworthy in the fact that you have a HUD in this campaign that is largely the same as the one we actually got in the multiplayer modes. This, again, could be just a placeholder HUD with changes for the real thing but it also makes sense to have it this way for players to get used to it.

What Happens in the Footage

What is interesting about this is that the middle of the bottom portion of the HUD includes the specialist power icon for the special ability that you are able to use as that particular character. What is odd about this is that there is no ability shown in the footage, making it hard to know who you are playing as.

As for the clips themselves, there are different scenarios that are shown from presumably this one single mission in the canceled Black Ops 4 campaign. You are shown parts of walking upon a building that gets decimated and clearing rooms of enemies.

There are also sections of securing places like courtyard or eliminating all enemies in an area, acting as a sort of tutorial to get players ready for doing those things in multiplayer. There are AI partners that are shown fighting alongside you at various points in the footage and so much more.

What is interesting, though, and caught our eyes the most is the fact that it shows off two different sides of different parts of the campaign. It would reveal you walking into a hallway, for instance, that is one fire and then revert back and show it a second time where it isn’t on fire.

Changing Environments Are Seen

The leaked footage does this multiple times in different scenarios, revealing what areas could potentially look like in different playthroughs of the same mission. The differences aren’t super vast or game-changing but this does indicate that the environments were destructible in different ways.

And, perhaps, you were able to make choices during the mission when it came to approaching various rooms and scenarios that would determine how the environment would look in other areas. Perhaps this was the singleplayer iteration of the campaign that was shown off.

There were rumors in the past that the Black Ops 4 campaign would be a couple of different things before being ultimately scrapped in favor of the Blackout battle royale mode. There were rumors of a two on two multiplayer campaign where you compete on opposite sides, which this footage does give a feel of but doesn’t truly dive into multiplayer territory.

When that didn’t work, the story mode turned into a traditional singleplayer one that is likely what we see in the footage but there are elements that certainly seem multiplayer-like. Regardless, it is unlikely that we will ever have this campaign truly happen but that doesn’t mean we won’t get more footage like this in the future.

More Campaign Footage Could Come Soon

The Reddit user who leaked this responded to a question in the comments regarding the source of this video. According to the original poster of the leaks, this wasn’t “inside information.” The video is reportedly public to everyone on the internet, but obscure and hidden.

It apparently took the user “a few hours of digging” before stumbling across it, perhaps, indicating that they weren’t necessarily even looking for this information. Unfortunately, the user didn’t actually mention what this source is and where to find the clip.

However, they did mention that if you are able to find the source, the rest of the videos are all there. This hints that there is a lot more footage beyond this one, possibly showing off a good portion of the canceled story mode. With this tidbit of info, it is likely only a matter of time until someone uncovers the rest of the footage and shares it online. Stay tuned for that.


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