Can Timthetatman Play With DrDisrespect Off Twitch? Maybe Not!

by in Entertainment | Apr, 15th 2021

According to a very simple statement by Timthetatman, he may not be able to play with DrDisrespect, even off Twitch. This includes offline casual play, it sounds like. It’s unfortunate, but since DrDisrespect has been banned from Twitch, so he can’t show up in another channel, even if they aren’t seen on camera. In a recent livestream, TimtheTatman was asked about this selfsame thing, and his response was a brief one and a roll of the eyes. This doesn’t sound like standard Twitch procedure though, and so it could be something to do with why DrDisrespect was banned.

Could This Be a Misunderstanding?

According to Twitch, if a banned user appears in a third party channel it could lead to the channel they were on being banned also. So having DrDisrespect on Timthetatman’s Twitch channel could lead to the streamer losing his platform too. However, this isn’t what was asked. A viewer asked Tim:

TimtheTatman disappointed being unable to play with DrDisrespect offline

Have you ever considered to play with Doc without streaming it? It would be a banger.

TimtheTatman’s response was to thank the person for the donation but to also say “I don’t think I can. Stupid.

The “Stupid” could very well just be the situation. It’s possible that Tim thought it would get uploaded somewhere after playing. If not, and Twitch will not even let TimtheTatman play offline with DrDisrespect, away from Twitch, that is a pretty disappointing thing to hear. 

The two continue to be friends away from streaming, but the fact that TimtheTatman doesn’t seem to be clear on if he can play games offline with DrDisrespect is a confusing, but unfortunate situation to be in. If it isn’t something that isn’t recorded, we cannot imagine Twitch would be able to punish them, unless a player would decide to report seeing DrDisrespect in a game with Timthetatman. For now, the two cannot be seen together in-game, and DrDisrespect has since moved on to Youtube, finding success there. 


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