Call of Duty Warzone Weapon Exploit Lets Players Keep Pre-Game Gun

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 9th 2020

Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty games, in general, are prone to having exploits, glitches, and other bugs that allow someone to get an unfair advantage. It’s just part of the development process, but this latest one is a Warzone weapon exploit that is the most unfair we have seen to date.

New Warzone Weapon Exploit Appears In-Game

At least, the Warzone weapon exploit is the most unfair glitch that you can use to your advantage that we have seen for this game. Given the still newness to the battle royale title, there haven’t been too many ways of gaining an unfair advantage, but this one has blown up overnight.

It all started when the Reddit user threefourthreesix posted to the Warzone sub-Reddit page this week and released a clip of this Warzone weapon exploit. The clip reveals how to complete this glitch and give yourself an advantage over the other players.

Unfortunately, this is already a widespread glitch that you are likely to encounter when jumping into matches lately, so we will not shy away from revealing how to complete this exploit. However, we do want to give you a word of caution regarding using it yourself.

Activision has been known to give bans and suspensions for players who they think are cheating the system or doing something that isn’t allowed, so it isn’t the wisest move to jump into the game and use this exploit in matches.

What This Weapon Exploit Does

If you do this, you could get a ban. That could happen even days or weeks from now once Infinity Ward can get in there and fix this issue. With all of that said, here is what you need to know, so you are prepared for battle these days.

The Call of Duty Warzone weapon exploit lets the player keep the gun that they hold in the pre-game lobby and take it into the main battle royale match using a roundabout method. While this may not sound too bad, there are a couple of reasons why this is unfair.

For one, the user can have a weapon soon after dropping onto the map immediately and take out other players who are still looking for gear and weapons. If luck is on your side, your pre-game warm-up weapon might be tricked out with attachments and other goodies to make it an impressive asset early on in matches.

Because of this, it is a major problem that many players are running into right now, where they are being taken out so quickly after landing and not able to fight back with the default pistol. To better understand how to avoid this, here is how it works.

How to Make This Glitch Happen

When you are in the pre-game lobby waiting for the other players to join the match, you are on the normal map itself. The game will spawn you in a random location on the map and you can run around, shooting, and just messing around until the countdown reaches zero for the match to begin.

During this time, the gameplay is largely similar to the normal combat and looting that you will find in the actual matches. As such, you can pick up and drop weapons at your leisure, and experiment with them to find the guns you wish to use for that match.

This particular Warzone weapon exploit lets you keep one of the guns you found before the match started and have it automatically available to you from the beginning. What you need to do first and foremost is find a weapon that you would like to use in the main match.

Once you have it, find a safe and secure location away from other players and wait for the countdown to drop. When the countdown is right about to hit zero and start the real match, you need to open your inventory and drop the weapon that you wish to keep.

No Comment From Activision or Infinity Ward at This Time

Doing so with perfect timing will allow the weapon to drop into the real match and be available at that spot. So, all you need to do is head there immediately from the plane. You will be able to pick it back up and start using it on the other players.

Unfortunately, it does require you to travel back to that location and find it before someone else does, but it is an easy way to get an amazing weapon early on and get an unfair advantage. Though this is an easy exploit to make happen, again, we recommend against using it to avoid a potential suspension later on.

However, we are not going to leave you hanging with no way of protecting yourself. If you want to be an honest player and not use this exploit, we recommend paying attention to your surroundings in the lobby before the start of the match.

Your best bet is to stay away from any other players period and try to head to that same spot when you drop into the match. This is to ensure that no one will be going to pick up their exploited weapon near you and you will have the chance to gear up properly without fear of cheating enemies.

If you see someone who is just standing there with their weapon and acting strangely, that is a good sign that they are waiting to use this exploit. Avoid others, and you can at least buy some time to gear up and be ready to fight against these exploiters.

Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to comment on this particular glitch in the game, but we imagine that it won’t take long for it to be fixed, considering how dangerous it can be for the fairness of matches. Stay tuned for news regarding a fix or patch for this weapon glitch soon.


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