Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard Reveal Date Set for Later This Week

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 16th 2021

It looks like the wait for official information regarding the next Call of Duty mainline game is almost over, if a recent leak is to be believed. It seems that the Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard reveal date has accidentally been revealed a little earlier than intended, with news coming later this week.

PlayStation Store Leaks Call of Duty Vanguard

The leak this time around comes from a rather official source, with none other than PlayStation itself (via CharlieIntel). The PlayStation Store on PS4/PS5 as well as the mobile app for Android and iOS have leaked the first bit of official information regarding the next Call of Duty game.

As previously rumored, it seems that the game is going to be called Call of Duty Vanguard, dropping the WWII nomenclature, but still be set in the World War II era. While the store listing for the game does not show much about what it will offer in it, it does leak the reveal date for it.

The Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard reveal date will happen later this week and offer the first look at what the new game is going to be like. The image on the PlayStation Store even shows that this is the worldwide reveal of the new Call of Duty game and it will happen inside of Warzone.

This is similar to what happened last year with Black Ops Cold War, which was Activision’s worst kept secret at the time, too. This time around, the Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard is set for just a few days from now at the time of writing this, so we will not have to wait too much longer for info.

Warzone Vanguard Reveal Date Leaks

What to Expect From the Reveal

For those of us in the US, that might be a little early in the morning/afternoon to boot up the battle royale title, but we do recommend heading into the game at least 30 minutes prior to the reveal time, so around 10 am PT would probably be best.

This gives you plenty of time to make sure that you are in the battle royale game’s lobby and ready to enjoy whatever Activision has planned for this moment. It is anticipated that there will be a large number of players who will log into the game at this time, so there is the potential for issues to happen.

There could be long queues or issues with matchmaking, so getting into the game online early can help with this. More than likely, too, you will also want to be in a match of battle royale when the Vanguard reveal happens, so that you are able to enjoy the event to its fullest.

We expect that some crazy stuff will happen in the middle of battle royale matches, leading up to a trailer with cinematics and details from the upcoming Call of Duty title. At this time, there is some information that we have for Vanguard due to other leaks and rumors from recent months.

What We Already Know About Vanguard

From what we know already, Vanguard is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and will not be a new generation-exclusive title, as it will be available for the same platforms as Cold War: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Vanguard is the next World War II title, following up on what Sledgehammer did in 2017, but with a focus on the Pacific front of the war and possibly some strange alternate history madness. It is anticipated to have a singleplayer story campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies experiences.

Furthermore, Call of Duty Warzone will likely connect with Vanguard on a level that will even surpass the original collaboration with Modern Warfare in 2020. Players can expect a brand new Vanguard battle royale map in Warzone, a trip back in time to the 1940s, and a whole lot of weapons, characters, and vehicles from that era.

We will have lots more info to share about the Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard reveal later this week, so even if you cannot make it to the premiere in the battle royale game, we’ll be sure to share it here soon after the event happens. Be sure to check back for the full breakdown of that reveal on Thursday.


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