Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting Event Begins: Scream, Ghosts of Verdansk

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 20th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are hosting their latest limited-time event, and this one is for the spooky Halloween season. The Warzone The Haunting event has returned yet again and, this time around is making the rounds in Black Ops Cold War, too, with some fun new content. 

Warzone The Haunting Event Returns for 2021

The Warzone The Haunting event is here and is more than just a limited-time event to celebrate the spooky holiday season that we are currently in the midst of. While this comes with the expected themed items and quests to complete, this update has much more than that. 

In many ways, Raven Software and Treyarch treat this Warzone The Haunting event as the Season 6 Reloaded update. Even though this current sixth and final season connecting Warzone and Black Ops Cold War has only been out for a couple of weeks now, we are already getting a huge major content drop. 

From what we can tell, the Warzone The Haunting event update is also the midseason update (even though we are not at all in the middle of the season). This is likely since Vanguard is coming out very soon on November 5, with only a couple more weeks left until its release. 

If the impressive amount of content that dropped at the launch of season 6 was not enough for you, then perhaps this latest update will give you much more to work with. What’s great about the new Haunting update are the new items, weapon, game modes, and so much more. 

Fans of both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will be able to enjoy a breadth of new additions, including plenty of cosmetic items that are just in time for Halloween, map and map updates to bring in the tricks and treats, and plenty of game modes, new and old, that are perfect for this time. 

The event is live now at the time of writing this post and will continue to be available through the end of the month. The event will come to an end on November 2, so that gives a couple of weeks to check out what is happening right now and enjoy it, tying you over until the launch of Vanguard. 

Scream and Donnie Darko Crossovers

It all begins with the Halloween items available during the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone The Haunting event. Both games are offering some special Halloween items, and two of these are crossover items that join the other crossover characters that we have in the games currently. 

This is the third major crossover event for Warzone that features some actual film icons moving into Verdansk, and both of them are perfectly themed around the horror atmosphere. The first is the most exciting one, with the Scream horror icon Ghostface now in the game. 

The classic Halloween mask and costumed slasher killer are coming to Warzone and Cold War with this new update. Like with the previous crossover characters earlier this year, you will be able to pick him up through some store bundles offered for a limited time only. 

As a promotion for the upcoming Scream reboot/sequel movie coming out in January 2022, Ghostface is back and looking for fresh new victims in these two Call of Duty games. Players can purchase his bundle right now and start terrorizing the streets of Standoff, Nuketown, Downtown Verdansk, and more. 

What is odd about the whole Ghostface situation is that this character was not made popular until the 1990s film series that revived the slasher genre. Until this point, every other crossover character has been set in the 1980s to be canonized with 80s Verdansk and Cold War. 

However, Ghostface is here. You can get several items in the bundle, including the Ghost Blade melee weapon and two-weapon blueprints with tracer fire. Scream is also far from the only new crossover character that you can get in both games during this event. 

The other one is the terrifying bunny rabbit costumed character from the Donnie Darko cult classic movie from the early 2000s. Again, another strangely timed crossover character, this truly creepy Frank the Rabbit operator skin, is now available in a store bundle. 

The bundle comes with the Frank the Rabbit skin for Baker and other items, like a signature finishing move, weapon charm, calling card, emblem, watch, and three legendary weapon blueprints. This particular bundle drops on October 24. 

There are plenty of other items beyond these two notable crossover characters that you will be able to get during this limited-time event. A trio of ultra-rare operator skins is also coming out during the week of Halloween, starting with the Necro Queen. 

This Frankenstein’s Monster’s girlfriend-like character is coming out soon, including a tracer pack of various blueprints and items. It will be joined by, perhaps, the best-looking horror character in the game thus far with the Disciple of Mayhem ultra bundle. 

Finally, coming out later this month on Halloween itself is the Lumens Maxis tracer bundle, which includes the Lumens skin for Maxis and some legendary weapon blueprints, including one with a bright electric tracer fire that sounds unique compared to the other tracer fire weapons that exist in Warzone currently. 

If paid items are not your thing, you might be happy to know that a new weapon is here. The LAPA SMG is now available in both Warzone and Cold War for unlocking, but not through the battle pass. There are special event challenges that you must do to unlock it. We will have more on this process very soon. 

Ghosts of Verdansk Limited Time Mode

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Warzone The Haunting event for many players will be the special limited-time game modes available in both games. For Warzone fans, you have something very unique to look forward to when you are traveling around Verdansk this spooky season. 

If you remember The Haunting from last year, you might remember that a nighttime version of Verdansk popped up then. It is back this year but with some extra frights and terrors that are new to the game. Enter the new Ghosts of Verdansk limited-time mode in battle royale. 

This thrilling new battle royale experience will give you some spooks and test your fear as you compete to be the last one standing and conquer the enemies that go bump in the night. And as the name implies, this time around, we are fighting against ghosts. 

The zombies are gone for this particular event in favor of the ghosts infiltrating Verdansk and causing trouble in this Ghosts of Verdansk mode. Like the Apex Legends Halloween mode, death does not mean the end when you play this battle royale experience. 

Instead of being sent to the Gulag the first time you perish in this game mode, you will be sent to the underworld, where you will re-emerge as a ghost haunting the region. You then have the chance to take out the other players in the match and, perhaps, even protect your still human comrades. 

As a ghost, you will look horrifying but not have any traditional weapons at your disposal. Instead, you will have some supernatural abilities to aid you in taking out the remaining players. The first is the super jump ability to let you leap through the air and glide over considerable distances. 

The second is the teleport ability that lets you teleport a short distance using a somewhat long cooldown to close in on your enemies. You can even teleport through other players for some real frights. And last but not least, the Spectral Blast ability lets you slow down other players and disable vehicles to get in there and finish them off. 

However, the Ghosts of Verdansk game mode does not end there. You can come back into the game as a human operator again, but it requires some finesse. Each person you kill as a ghost will give you a soul. Obtaining three in a row will allow you to return to the land of the living. 

Alternatively, you can use a finishing move on the human opponent and immediately come back as a human, but this move can be interrupted. Overall, the Ghosts of Verdansk game mode is terrifying and grants little solace for the living out there. 

The only safe place is the sacred ground area that will appear on the map. Human players will be safe from the ghosts there. However, the ghosts can work together to take out the plot and render the humans inside vulnerable again. 

If that is not enough, a new fear system is coming out as part of this new limited-time game mode. It goes from zero to 100 and includes some frightening results if you increase it too much. Fear happens over time and when other events occur, like being shot at, camping for too long, seeing dead bodies, ghosts, or losing teammates. As your fear meter goes up, the player will start to experience hallucinations and potentially worse if you reach 100%.

Infected and More Return to Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War fans have a lot to look forward to with a couple of game modes and maps to check out. For starters, there is a new Halloween map with the Halloween version of Nuketown. If you’re tired of Nuketown like me, this will not matter to you too much, but it is a spooky nighttime version, which is novel at least. 

On the other hand, there are three new and returning game modes to check out. The returning one is the fan-favorite Infected mode back for some Halloween fun. In this version, 18 players will jump into a match, some being the zombies while the rest are survivors. 

The premise is the same with survivors trying to live past the end of the match with zombies trying to kill the left humans. The twist this time around is that survivors will now earn some boosts when they kill zombies, including better reload speed, ADS speed, movement, and sliding. 

What is new this time around is the special Halloween version of Prop Hunt. The immensely popular party mode is back with this Nuketown Halloween version. You can transform into skulls, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and other Halloween decorations to survive against the hunters looking for you. 

Last but not least, there is the brand new game mode known as Scream Deathmatch. In this mode, two of the players will be selected to play as Ghostface for the round. They will have a single mission to eliminate all of the other players in true horror fashion while the other players hide for their lives. 

The catch is that survivors will scream every once to give away their locations to the Ghostface killers. Players will need to channel their best hide-and-seek strategies to survive in this ultimate slasher movie recreation. 

Beyond these game modes, some additions to the Zombies side of Black Ops Cold War are coming, too. For instance, zombies fans will have the new Hallows’ Eve Outbreak limited-time mode, where you have to survive for 10 minutes and escape a region. There is also a new world event with the Orda that can wipe your entire squad in one hit, so good luck. 


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